10 Reasons You Should Take Vitamin Supplements

10 Reasons You Should Take Vitamins

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We are all aware that the human body requires certain amounts of vitamins and minerals in order to function properly and remain healthy. We are also aware that it is impossible to get the perfect amount of sleep, stay constantly hydrated, or eat the amount of fruits and vegetables required to have the right levels of vitamins and minerals within our bodies. Therefore we started our research and have the 10 reasons you should take vitamins. 

Commercial Food Processing

Commercial food processing kills food and washes away essential nutrients for example with rice, the rice mill will start with rice that is surrounded by the husk, in the process of milling and removing the husk and other parts, 26-83% of each mineral found in brown rice vanishes! 

Filling the Nutritional Gap

90% of individuals don’t consume the recommended amount of important nutrients from food alone therefore supplementation is needed to bridge the nutritional gap. By doing so you will maintain the proper balance of nutrients within your body. 

Exercise Increases Nutrient Needs

If you exercise frequently then you may be aware that as you exercise, your body uses up the energy and nutrients stored within your body. Therefore it is vital to replenish these essential nutrients to fuel your energy levels and promote recovery.  

Poor Diet Choices

If your diet consists of processed junk food then you aren’t giving your body the ability to extract the nutrients from the food as there isn’t much in there! While supplements cant replace a poor diet, it can assist in preventing further damage to your body. 

 Soil Depletion

Modern farming techniques use fertilizers that deplete the soil and rob the plants of essential nutrients. Therefore, even if you are eating your fruits and vegetables, the level of nutrients your body requires is no longer within them. 


You may not be aware of this but the longer you cook your food, the lesser it’s nutrients value. The raw food diet is an ideal diet to ensure you get the maximum amount of nutrients from food however we have become so accustomed to delicious cooked meals this isn’t realistic. 


With home cooking we usually have leftovers, which go in the fridge and get used for lunches or the next day’s dinner. However when the food is undergoing refrigeration and reheating, the nutritional value of the food is slashed. 


Did you know that 12 billion tons of pollutants are expelled into the air? These contaminants eventually get into our food and water therefore it is a great idea to detoxify the body through the use of supplements. 


Mercury is being dumped into our oceans and then finding their way into our stomach through the fish we are eating. Mercury fills up big fish such as sharks, swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish and tuna. Mercury affects your nerve cells leading to degeneration and your brain. 


Lifestyle changes such as smoking, stress, and unhealthy food and alcohol impact our health, which also affect our nutrition intake. Therefore it is important to use supplements to bridge the gap. 
If you want to boost your overall health and wellbeing and ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs, we recommend investing our Turbo Multi Vitamin. You can thank us later!

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