Do Raspberry Ketones Help You Lose Weight?

Do Raspberry Ketones Help You Lose Weight

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If you need to lose weight, you are not alone. Did you know the only 30% of people are at a healthy weight? The problem is conventional weight loss methods are so difficult that an estimated 85% of people do not succeed. However, there are many products that are advertised to aid weight loss. Among the most popular is a supplement called Raspberry Ketones. We are going to examine the research behind Raspberry Ketones and come to you with the facts. Buckle up you beautiful human, it’s time to enhance our knowledge.

Firstly, let’s discuss what raspberry ketones actually are. Raspberry ketone is a natural substance that gives red raspberries their powerful aroma. Their substance is also found in small amounts in other fruits and berries, such as blackberries, cranberries, and kiwis.

How do they work? Well, the molecular structure of ketones if very similar to two other molecules, capsaicin found in chili pepper and the stimulant synephrine. Studies indicate that these molecules can boost metabolism. Therefore, as you have probably suspected, raspberry ketones have the same effect. In studies of fat cells, raspberry ketones increased fat breakdown, primarily by making the cells more susceptible to the fat-burning hormone norepinephrine and increased the release of the hormone adiponectin. Adiponectin is released by fat cells and may play a role in regulating metabolism and blood sugar levels.

Fun fact! raspberry ketones also offer cosmetic benefits. When administered topically as a cream, raspberry ketones appear to increase hair growth in people with hair loss and can improve skin elasticity in healthy women.

Let’s now look at the Raspberry Ketones & African Mango Supreme by our team here at Thinco. This product works on mechanisms to speed up metabolism to burn more energy from released fat. Raspberry ketones increase the levels of a hormone made by fat cells called, adiponectin (as mentioned above). This hormone is anti-inflammatory, associated with longevity, and causes a decrease in the risk of diabetes and cardio- vascular disease. It also helps the body to handle and utilise glucose which is where it excels in weight management – glucose dis-regulation is one reason for excess stored adipose tissue, or brown fat. Within each fat cell, we have an enzyme called Hormone Sensitive Lipase. Raspberry Ketones appear to assist HSL do its job which is to move towards the fat within the fat cell, that is the triglycerides or (stored fat), and break down the fat into Free Fatty Acids. This process is called “fat metabolism” or “burning fat” and it causes the fat cell to shrink which is exactly what we are after for weight management.

The raspberry ketones can be taken with the Thinco Diet Capsules or Diet Drops for additional support and contain a natural appetite suppressant in addition to African mango, green tea, and green coffee. Our raspberry ketones contain the recommended therapeutic doses required to be effective in weight control.So, what are you waiting for? grab yourself a bottle of Thinco’s Raspberry Ketones and African Mango Supreme now!

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