Here Are The Benefits Of Clearing Out Your Wardrobe

Here Are The Benefits Of Clearing Out Your Wardrobe

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Although clutter can drive us crazy, we can’t deny that it is a very real aspect of our lives. You may have not noticed, but, when your closet or home is chaotic, other areas of your life may be too. So much of how we care for our things ties into how we live, which is why clearing out your wardrobe, should be a top priority.

Clutter is never really about the items themselves, but our relationship to them. Have you ever seen that show Hoarders? Are you a bit of a hoarder in some areas? Using myself as an example… I have numerous items of clothing that I haven’t worn in years but for some reason I can’t seem to let them go. A lot of them no longer fit me, are no where near the current trends and even look a bit worse for wear, however, the memories attached to them I don’t want to let go off. 

While cleaning can be traumatic, it can also be freeing and inspiring. Psychologists note that clearing out your closet can be a wonderful way to transition from one stage of life to another (I definitely need to jump on this bandwagon). Once you discover the joy of a neat closet, you may never want to back to cramped clothing and a tangle of hangers ever again. 

Here’s to Extra Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all 

How many times have you purchased some basic tees or a pair of black pants for work just because you couldn’t find where the original ones were? Yep, we had a high number for our answer as well. Seeing all that extra cash in your account just might make you keep your wardrobe a little neater. 

You Will Feel Less Stressed

Do you feel anxious when you can’t find something and you are trying to get ready and are running out of time? Because same. As it turns out, clutter increases cortisol (a stress hormone) levels in your body. Clutter doesn’t only amp up stress but it also can contribute to overeating and unhealthy food choices (see our previous articles for more information). Clearing away all the unnecessary pieces of clothing in your closet won’t get rid of your stress entirely but it sure will help! 

You’ll Make Room For What Matters

Your wardrobe should only hold what you need and more importantly, what you need at this particular time in your life. The heavy winter jackets can be put into storage during summer and the short, tight dresses can be packed away during winter. When we create space we are ready to build something new. By clearing the space, you’ll allow the space to not only breathe, but also hold what is truly essential. 

It Will Improve Your Relationship

A study found that when people were in a cluttered environment, they had a harder time reading people’s facial expressions. Although fights with your cutie pie might not happen in the closet, they could be a source of stress. Plus, having a cluttered environment means that you could have a harder time connecting to your partner and no one, wants that. 

You Clear Out the Other Areas of Your Home 

De-cluttering is contagious… once your closet is clean you will look at other areas of your house and realize you have a long way to go. One of the best ways to distress and feel less burdened in our lives is to create space, which can be emotional or physical. By physically clearing out old items, which no longer serve you, you lessen your emotional load. Soon you might find that your entire space (not only your wardrobe) is neat and tidy.

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