Three easy steps

Discover the three easy steps to the Thinco program & the science behind how and why it works to help you lose weight.

Step One
Suppress your appetite


Our products are 100% natural, containing only the highest quality ingredients. Approved by TGA, Thinco is preservative free, hormone free, gluten free and guilt free! All our Thinco products are suitable for vegans.


With your Thinco Diet Drops or Capsules, you will receive our scientifically proven, fat burning meal plan.The ingredients are specifically selected to facilitate the release of adipose fat. You’ll see the fat melt away!*


The Thinco Drops and Capsules are formulated to force the body to release stored adipose fat (bad fat), which fuels the body so you don’t feel hungry. They also contain a powerful natural appetite suppressant of herbal extracts.

*Your weight loss results will vary depending on individual circumstances and how much you have to lose.
Step Two
Burn adipose fat (bad fat)
Scientifically Developed

The Thinco Diet Drops and Capsules are scientifically developed to facilitate the release of stubborn fat by forcing the body to use it’s stored adipose fat. This is the bad fat that sticks to your thighs and midsection.

I found the Thinco program to be the easiest diet that I have ever done because the results were instant and that kept me focused. I had no cravings, no hunger pains and no headaches. I lost a total of 13kg on the diet!-Nicky


The science behind Thinco

Turn your unwanted fat into energy

Even though the food you eat is restricted to 500 calories, our supplements burn the bad fats from your body at a rate of 1500 calories a day. Essentially, you’re consuming 2000 calories a day from adipose fat and your diet.

Option between the 21 and 50 day program

Got an event coming up, the 21 day program will help you lose up to 7kg. Looking for longer term weight loss? Then our 50 day program can help you lose up to 20kg!

Active Plan specifically for active people

The Thinco Active Plan works the same way as our flagship program with additional calories in the form of extra protein. This is a great option for those that lead an active lifestyle or have a physically demanding job.

This could be you!
“Using Thinco was amazing! I started at 85kg and ended at 63 for a total of 22kg lost. It took some effort at the start, as it’s so different from all other weight loss methods. But as long as you follow the instructions provided and trust the process you get into the groove and it becomes so easy!”
– Katya
Step Three
Find your (Th)inner Happiness!

Access to Thinco’s(Th)inspiration Group

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Not only this, but we will help you to discover the best version of yourself; one who you love both physically and mentally. We call this finding your (Th)inner happiness. Don’t put off any longer, what you can start today! You deserve to reach your goals.
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  • Exclusive access to a community of support
  • Our (Th)inspiring program guide
  • Healthy, nutritious recipe ideas

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