How to Get Good Feng Shui in Your Home Office

How to get good feng shui in your home office

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The Chinese practice of feng shui dates back several millennia and basically involves arranging your environment in such a way that everything harmonizes and stimulates positive energy. According to these principles, using feng shui in your home office can help enhance productivity, creativity and even your earnings. This article is going to provide you with the tips and tricks on how to feng shui your home office! 

Separate Your Home Office From Your Personal life 

To help you concentrate better, you need to ensure you keep your home office physically separated from the rest of your home, especially your bedroom. If you don’t have much extra space, simply screening off your office area is a great way to start. 

Place Your Desk Facing The Door 

Your desk should also we be facing the door so that you can see people coming in. This is known as the power position and it signifies that you are asserting yourself as the powerful creator of your own life. 

Place Your Desk Further Away From The Door 

Feng shui believes that a doorway is the mouth of the energy coming into a room and you don’t want to place your desk right in the middle of that stream of energy. The best position for your desk is diagonally across from the door, so you can see the door and most of the room. 

Have Something Solid Behind You 

If there are windows behind your desk, cover them or you may feel like you don’t have enough support. A solid wall behind you or a high-backed chair will add stability and keep energy from flowing out the window. 

Choose The Right Colours 

Every colour has a different energy and meaning according to feng shui. For your home office, you can choose neutral and calming grey, grounding and stable brown, a soft yellow or pale orange for abundance and prosperity, pale green for knowledge and growth, blue for clarity and inspiration or white for mental focus. 

Avoid Sharp Edges Pointing At You 

Sharp edges represent a cutting energy, which you don’t want to be pointed directly at you. If you can’t position your furniture in a way that heels sharp edges away from you, soften those edges with fabric, plants or crystals. 

Add Plants

Plants activate positive energy and help get rid of negative energy, like the electromagnetic energy coming from your computer. They can also help purify the air. Good plants for a home office include the peace lily, rubber plant and African violet. 

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter drains energy. Keep your office clutter free and organized. It’s a good idea to schedule time for de-cluttering and organization once a week or so. 

Choose The Right Desk 

A rectangular desk is perfect for a home office, since it enhances concentration. You can also choose a curved desk but then you need to sit on the inside of the curve to pull the energy towards you. Avoid bright colours that can make you restless. 

Keep Only The Items You Need Ever Day on Your Desk

Like your office, your desk should be clutter free. Keep only those items you need everyday on your desk and pack away the rest when you’re not using them. 

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