How to Make Good Habits Stick

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Do you struggle making good habits stick? You may be able to stick to them for a while but then somewhere along the line you lose your motivation and quit? Yes so do we. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything ran on autopilot? If without knowing we just went to the gym, ate healthier foods, did all of our chores and got all of our work done automatically.

Well unfortunately this isn’t reality and there is no robot servants available to the public yet (damn!). Therefore we have to do it the old school way, by programing behaviors as new habits to reduce the struggle caused from these activities. 

We get it; this is easier said than done. But don’t we always have your back? And the answer to that is yes, we always do. We have looked into the best ways to make good habits actually stick because truth be told we needed some help on this one too. 

Commit to Thirty Days

All you need to make a habit automatic is three to four weeks, which is also known as the initial conditioning phase. Once you make it through this phase it makes it much easier to sustain good habits.  For example, if you want to start going to the gym then make a conscious effort to go 3 times a week for a whole month and before you know it it’ll become a good habit that sticks. 

Remind Yourself 

Around the half way mark it’s easy to forget therefore place reminders whether it be sticky notes in the bathroom or on the fridge or pop-up alerts on your phone otherwise you might miss a few days. Missing a few days can be more detrimental than you think as missing time defeats the purpose of setting a good habit to begin with. 

Develop a Plan if You Fail 

You are more than likely going to fail at some point, which is fine because we are only human. Failing is a natural part of life. You have to learn not to judge yourself or feel guilty when you make a mistake. Instead you need to focus on a plan to get you back on track as quickly as possible. Strategies to help include setting schedules rather than deadlines and having a new motto “never miss twice”

Buddy Up 

Go and find someone who wants to make the same good habit stick and do this journey together. Your buddy can help keep you stay motivated when you feel like quitting and can also make you feel more accountable for your actions. 

Remove Temptation 

You are going to have to restructure your environment to eliminate temptation in your first thirty days. For example if you want to start living a more healthier lifestyle, remove junk food from your house or if you want to quit smoking remove all cigarettes and ashtrays from the home so you won’t have to struggle with willpower later. 
If you feel you need a little more assistance with making good habits sticks then watch this video

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