How to Reward Yourself After a Tough Workout

How to Reward Yourself After a Tough Workout

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Did you just sweat you’re a** off? Are you feeling the heat? Struggling to walk a little bit? Maybe you have a stitch? Well my friend, you just had a tough workout and you deserve to reward yourself! Do you remember back in the day when we were children and we were rewarded for our good behavior? Whether it is a star on your chart, a treat, a play date or some extra screen time. That was your reward and boy we were happy when we got them.

Well now I have a question… why the heck did this stop? I think we deserve rewards more now than we did back then? I mean we are juggling with so many things at once along side not losing our sanity or harming others in the process.  That deserves a gold star more than my finger painting did back in the day? Can I get an amen!

To set yourself up for success and create a habit of working out, you should give yourself immediate rewards and of course, we’re here to help. Here are 6 ideas for creating a reward system that keeps your workout motivation high. 

Put Some Money On It 

Everybody has their price, right? If someone told me they would pay me $100 for 100 push-ups you better believe I’d take the deal in a heartbeat. A way to reward yourself after a tough workout is to put a dollar or five in a jar after every workout, once you reach $100 then go and treat yourself to whatever takes your fancy! You’re practically paying yourself to exercise; now that’s a sweet gig. Keep the process repeating and watch how often you want to be at the gym. 

Have Some Me Time

After your workout try and reward yourself with a bit of relaxing ‘me time’. A little bit of rest and relaxation is the perfect way to reward yourself for all of your hard work. Binge on a Netflix series, do a facemask with your favorite music on, take a warm bubble bath or cook yourself a nice meal and enjoy it whilst reading a book. Whatever you feel like doing, you do it gorgeous. 

It’s Nap Time

Napping is one of the best and simplest ways to reward yourself after training. I mean who doesn’t love napping? That was a trick question because the answer is no one. Taking a nap two hours post-workout is also an excellent trick to enhance your muscles’ recovery process so what are you waiting for? Go catch some Z’s girl. 

Girl’s Night Out

Now it probably isn’t best to have a wild girl’s night after every workout as that probably defeats the purpose of working out. However, make a promise to yourself that if you stick to the gym for 3 days a week for the entire month then you get a wild girls night out! Get your girls in on this one as well; sometimes some BBF support is all you need to stay motivated. 

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