How to Stop Being so Hard on Yourself

How to Stop Being so Hard on Yourself

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Do you have a voice inside of your head that always tells you what you are doing wrong or what you aren’t doing well enough? This negative voice in your head isn’t something you were born with. Somewhere along the way you learned to think like this. Maybe it came from a parent who always criticised you, a bully from school, a teacher who shamed you. Always being hard on yourself can often be a result of trauma or adverse experiences, which can bring on a lifetime of shame and low self-esteem. Learning to stop this habit can be life changing and we are here to help because you, deserve better. 

Know Your Mistakes Are Important for Learning

It is time that you learn to be resilient in the face of failure. You need to come to a place internally where you accept that you are human. You are going to make mistakes. You are going to fail. This isn’t the end of the world. Although, we know it can feel that way. Try to change your response by simply acknowledging the mistake, not dwelling on it, picking yourself up and trying again.

Don’t Compare Yourself 

This is something that we all do. Especially with the growing use of social media. Stop comparing yourself to others because you are not them. You are you. Accept yourself for you are… flaws and all. 

There is no Right Way to do Anything

Don’t limit your thinking to a right or wrong way as there is no right way to do the wrong thing and no wrong way to do something right. 

Learn From People Who Criticize You 

Don’t allow criticism to get you down. Instead try and let it inspire you to work your ass off. A lot of the strategies in learning to stop being so hard on yourself come from changing your thinking and response to specific situations. We know you can do it. 

Surround Yourself with Positive People

It is vital that you surround yourself with people who genuinely want you to succeed. Having people that you can trust and rely on will make you feel happier and better about yourself. 

Observe your Thoughts and Emotions

Awareness is the first step in acknowledging any life challenge. Asking yourself some important questions can help you understand why you are having such a profound response to something. Don’t censor yourself to sound like a good person. Be truthful. It is the only true way to find out what is beneath it all. 

Shift the Focus Back on You

Our outer world reflects what’s going on within us because we project our thoughts and feelings onto other people and events. We give it our own meaning. Remember, we cannot change other people, the past, or circumstances out of our control. All we can change is ourselves. Shift your focus back onto yourself and realize that you have the power the change your life. 

Celebrate Your Growth

When you’ve learned the life lesson, celebrate. After all, you’ve just taken another step in evolving as a human being. Life is amazing. We all hit a few road bumps along the way, but eventually the road gets smooth again. If we’re learning lessons as we go, there’s no reason we can’t sit back and enjoy.

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