Low Fat Dessert Ideas for Christmas Day

There is absolutely no denying it, Christmas is well and truly on its way. And while the festive season brings with it a myriad of reasons to celebrate, those celebrations often mean more meals to consume, more over the top spreads to choose from, and more deliciously naughty reasons to set us ‘calorie-counters’ back a few steps on our weight loss journey.

If you are conscious of which foods you are going to eat this Christmas, dessert is probably going to make your blood-sugar levels spike more than any other course. Try one of these low-fat suggestions for your Christmas day menu, and we guarantee none of your guests will know that you’ve dished them up a healthy dessert.

Coconut and Lime Granita

Perfect to beat the hot Summers day heat, this refreshing and tropical scented granita is easy to make in advance and will relieve your guests’ palate from all of the rich foods they’ve most likely indulged in at lunch. Simply adjust the amount of sugar you use for desired sweetness, or swap out for a natural sugar substitute like Stevia.


Meringue with mixed berries and coulis

Although we all know that meringue is made predominantly of egg white and sugar, it doesn’t contain any heavy creams or butter, so it could quite possibly be the better of two evils when choosing a sweet dessert. Keep your portion size reasonable, and serve the pre-made meringue nest with a dollop of light Greek yoghurt, some fresh mixed berries and a homemade coulis, and you’ve got an easy to prepare, fresh and colourful dessert that won’t break the calorie budget.

Date and Carrot pudding

Fancy a traditional sweet morsel for your after-dinner treat? By substituting some more fat-laden ingredients for others in this deliciously healthy pudding, you can still have your cake and eat it too!

Mango Sorbet with fresh mango slices

Buy a tray of mangoes as they go on special in the lead up to Christmas day, peel and slice their flesh and place into the freezer in snap lock bags. Reserve some mangoes to slice fresh on the day to garnish your delicious sorbet. Take your frozen mangoes from the freezer an hour before you want to serve your dessert to allow them to defrost slightly.

Whizz thoroughly in the blender moments prior to plating up, and without the addition of any other ingredients, the beautiful Summery yellow flesh will produce a creamy, flavoursome sorbet all on its very own. Top with baby mint leave and a couple of fresh slices of mango, and voila! You’ve gone and made yourself a very sophisticated and healthy dessert in a matter of minutes.

Classic fruit salad with yoghurt and chocolate dipping sauces

By sprucing up the classic fondue recipe, and serving a deliciously healthy platter of bite-sized fruit morsels to dip into a scrumptious chocolate or sweet yoghurt sauce, you are tricking your brain into thinking you’ve eaten something really naughty, when in actual fact, you’ve more than likely consumed quite a nutritious meal.  Choose lots of colourful, fresh seasonal fruits, and go light on the dips, and your guests will be asking for more – we promise!

While these suggestions may not be as sugar and butter laden as some of our traditional choices at Christmas, opting for one of our healthier desserts means you can relax at the dinner table, and perhaps even treat yourself to seconds!