How Thinco Diet Drops Help Drop the Fat


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When the thought of losing stubborn fat is exciting — but the thought of another capsule is not — it’s time to think outside the pill bottle. That’s what we did when we created our Thinco Diet Drops. They are all natural, extremely easy to use, and highly effective at helping you reach better health. Why? Well, let’s take a look.

What’s Inside the Bottle

We’ve talked about the importance of amino acids before, but they are so important that the information bears repeating. Amino acids are the key components of your body’s proteins. Your body’s systems run on proteins (they’re not called the body’s building blocks for nothing!). When your body is deficient in amino acids, it’ll break down proteins in order to find and use that missing amino acid. As a result, each function of your body is affected — including fat metabolism.

Deficiency can be a fairly common problem. Human bodies only make 10 of the 20 essential amino acids, which makes supplementation vital for your body to function properly. That’s why we’ve picked a combination of all-natural amino acids and herbal supplements to help you get rid of adipose fat.Glutamine: An amino acid that enhances protein synthesis to help you control weight and burn fatAlanine: A nonessential amino acid that regulates your blood sugar.

Histidine: An amino acid that can reduce your BMI and fat mass, and suppress inflammation

Leucine: An amino acid that promotes muscle growth, prevents muscle breakdown and burns fat

Nicotinamide: An amino acid that improves your bodies ability to burn more calories and keeps your body from storing fat

5-Diaminopentanoic acid Monohydrochloride: An amino acid that can enhance your performance, build muscle and detoxify your body

Threonine: An amino acid that improves fat digestion

Vanillin: This phenolic acid is an anti-inflammatory and appetite suppressant that can help lower cholesterol 

Rhodiola Rosea Root: This herb can improve your mood, increase your energy and burn fat

Camellia Sinensis: Better known as green tea, camellia sinensis can aid in cancer prevention, improve your performance, open your lungs and burn fat

What’s Not — and Why Our Drops Work

The all-natural ingredients were carefully blended to specifically target your adipose fat, or the the stubborn fat stores in your hips, stomach and thighs. We know we’re not the only fat-burning drops on the market — but ours stand out for several reasons:

Thinco Diet Drops are completely hormone free. Our ingredients are naturally sourced and blended to work together to help you meet your goals.

Thinco Diet Drops won’t burn the healthy fats your body needs to properly function.

Let’s face it — most people don’t think they want (or need) to eat more fats. Without healthy fats, though, your skin becomes dry and uneven, you become deficient in vital vitamins, your brain is negatively affected, your eyes become dry and you’re regularly hungry.

You can use the Thinco Diet Drops alone, or as part of a healthy eating program. Feel free to add in exercise if you want — but don’t feel obligated. The Thinco Diet Drops will help you control weight whether you work out or not. You’ll see the best results, though, by using the drops as part of the Thinco Program.

The Thinco Program

Our Three-Phase Fat Burning Meal Plan has helped thousands of women from around the world to lose stubborn fat and improve their overall health. On average, customers lose up to 7kg on the 25-day program and 20 kg on the 50-day program. You’ll use the drops in the first two phases.

Phase One: The drops — or the Thinco Diet Capsules, which work the same way — are a crucial part of this two- to three-day phase. Put 10 drops of the formula under your tongue for 30 seconds; swallow any leftover drops. You can also dilute the 10 drops with up to a tablespoon of water. You’ll do this three times a day. Eat healthy and avoid high-intensity exercise. The ingredients will build up in your body, helping your body absorb nutrients and building a temporary energy store.

Phase Two: Continue to take the drops as recommended. You’ll start our comprehensive meal program. We’ve spelled out the best nutrient-rich foods to help you lose fat. Choose to stay on this phase for at least 21 days.

Phase Three: Learn to keep the fat off! You’ll stop taking the drops, but will continue to eat healthy as you re-introduce foods to your diet. This phase must take the same number of days as phase two. (For example, if you stayed on phase two for 25 days, plan to stay on phase three for 25 days).

When you follow the recommended plan, you’ll be joining thousands of customers worldwide who have lost fat, gained energy and, most importantly, regained their health. Get started today!

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