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Thinco® is a program that allows you to bring the numbers in your scale down in as less as 21 days*

*Your results after the weight control program will vary depending on your individual circumstances and how much you have to lose.


A 2 day prep to turn your body into a fat burning machine with the help of our ARTG Listed, 100% natural VLC formula. Prepare your body to cleanse and detox. Say goodbye to your
naughty favourites. No restriction on calorie intake.


Time to seriously kick the fat to the curb. Turn your body into a fat burning machine. Eat from our specialised list of fat burning foods. Meal plans provided. Watch the transformation - 25 or 50 Day programs available. VLC formula helps with curbing cravings and suppressing appetites.


Break the YO-YO diet cycle. This stage is critical, DO NOT SKIP IT! Keep the weight off - time to strut your stuff and celebrate your accomplishment. Enjoy nutritional foods from our specialised maintenance plan. Look and feel your absolute best everyday. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle!

Introducing the Thinco®


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Losing weight just got a lot easier!

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What do you get?

There is no magic formula to losing weight. However, we pride ourselves on providing the best support and resources to set you up for weight loss success.
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With your Thinco Diet Drops or Capsules, you will receive our scientifically proven, fat burning meal plan.The ingredients are specifically selected to facilitate the release of adipose fat. You’ll see the fat melt away!

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When you purchase a Thinco pack, you will get access to an exclusive V.I.P Facebook group. By joining the Thinco movement, you will have the support of thousands of people who are also doing the program.

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Receive in your inbox lots of content to keep you inspired and motivated. You will receive important information to support you along the program, recipes, health tips, weekly articles and more.

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Our Best Selling Kit


The Thinco® program helps the body to release stored adipose fat (bad fat) which fuels the body. In addition, they contain a powerful natural appetite suppressant of herbal extracts so you do not feel hungry. 

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See How People Benefited from Thinco®

There are thousands of people who already tried Thinco® see the unbelieveable results*! Learn more about what people say about us!

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Today is last day of loading for round 2 super excited! I love this diet lost 17 kg 1st round aiming for 10-12kg this round… Loving my new Thinco lifestyle.
Individual results may vary*.
Haylee Knight
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Can't Wait!
Amanda Harrold – Phase 2 Day 40. Was a good week. Lost 13.8kg in total. Only 10 more days and then after Phase 3 another 21 days before my wedding.
Individual results may vary.*.
Amanda Harold
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Highly recommend!
Such an easy program with fast results and wonderful support community, highly recommended!
Individual results may vary*.
Claudia Brown
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So simple!
Only been on it a week and I LOVE just how simple and easy to follow the program is! Feels really sustainable 🙂
Individual results may vary*.
Ebony Lehmann
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The Results!
In total I have lost 10.6kg! I move on to Phase 3 and I’ll wait my 21 days then start back.
Individual results may vary.
Nikki Anderson
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Feeling Great
I recommend this to all my friends as its so easy to follow and the results speak for themselves!! Started Anzac Day as a size 14 at 74kg. Part way through my second round and in size 10 at 65kg. Feeling great and looking better than I have in 4 years!!
Ilana Cent

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Will Thinco® work for you?

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How fast can you lose weight?

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Which program works the best for your body type?

Scientifically Researched & Approved

Thinco® hormone free formula is based on traditional medicine principles combined with an advanced study of obesity by Dr. Simeons “ Pounds and Inches – A New Approach to Obesity

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Sick of that 3PM energy crash? This combination of natural supplements will not only help you control weight, it will help increase your vitality, energy and stamina!

We know you have questions about Thinco®, we have all the answers for you

Will I Feel Hungry?

BOTH the Thinco® Diet Capsules and Thinco® Diet Drops formula force the body to release the stored adipose fat (Bad fat) which fuels the body. In addition, they contain a powerful natural appetite suppressant of hearbal extracts so you do not feel hungry.

Do I Need To Exercise?

When using our Thinco® Diet Capsules or Thinco® Diet Drops, there is no need to include exercise (other than walking) into your daily activities as exercise is not a necessity to achieve the desired weight loss results on our program.

What is the Thinco® Diet Capsules and Drops Program?

Premium Quality, Hormone Free Diet Capsules and Diet Drops which are combined with our scientifically proven fat burning meal plan to lose unwanted weight.
*Individual result may vary.

What do I have to do to control my weight with the Thinco® Program?

Follow the Thinco® Program and take Thinco® capsules or drop for 3 phases.
Phase 1: Load Up - on nutritious food.
Phase 2: Thin Up - Follow our meal plan and take Thinco® formula
Phase 3: Keep it Up & Off - Maintain your ideal weight.

Are the Thinco® Diet Drops Homeopathic?

No. Our capsules and drops are NOT Homeopathic. They are made from real physical ingredients that include a powerful combination of amino acid isolates, herbs and TCM (Therapeutic Medicine).

Is Thinco® Safe for me?

Yes, very safe! People have been using this scientifically proven meal plan according to Dr. Simeons protocol with wonderful safe and healthy results for over 50 years. Thinco® is one of the few Australian Companies offering Australian Made and ARTG Listed products.

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