Food To Avoid When Losing Weight

As a rule of thumb, when you are tying to lose weight, you should avoid foods that are calorie heavy. However, calories are not the only thing you should look for. There are numerous factors that influence your weight loss journey. The goal is to eat nutrient-rich and foods that won’t leave you feeling hungry.

If you are on the Thinco Program, we provide a list of approved foods with their respective quantities. You will also have access to a list of approved food and drink brands you can find in your local supermarket. There are a couple of foods that you should definitely stay away from when losing weight.

If you are following the program, here are Do’s & Dont’s:

Thinco Program Phase 2:

Phase 2 do’s:

  • Take the Formula (Diet Drops or VLC Diet Capsules), Turbo Multi-Vitamin, Detox other Phase 2 product you have purchased daily.
  • Drink 3 – 3.5 litres of water a day – squeeze 1 lemon per 2 parts water and add stevia for sweet lemon water. Lemon water helps aid weight loss and detoxes the body.
  • Ensure you have taken your BEFORE photo.
  • Ensure you have taken your STARTING measurements.
  • Ensure you keep a food diary.
  • Weigh yourself daily first thing in the morning after going to the toilet and before you eat or drink anything.
  • Shop using Approved Products Appendix in the files.
  • Meal prep – preparing and freezing your meals ahead of time is very helpful and will help keep you on track.
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Phase 2 don’t’s:

  • NO alcohol.
  • NO strenuous exercise on Standard Program.
  • If it’s not listed on Phase 2 approved food list you can’t have it.
  • NO oils, fats, sugar, or carbs (unless listed).
  • DO NOT deviate from the protocol for the best results.

Thinco Program Phase 3:

Phase 3 do’s:

  • Re-introduce foods slowly as per the ‘Phase 3 food list’.
  • Protein must be increased (as per our program guide).
  • Continue drinking a minimum 3L water daily.

Phase 3 don’t’s:

  • Don’t stop recording your weight. Daily weight is still to be recorded; any increase of 900g above the ‘target set weight’ must be dealt with that same day with a steak, fish or egg day.
  • No attempt should be made to keep losing weight. This may have the reverse effect. However, if you continue to lose a small amount of weight naturally whilst following Phase 3 correctly, that is alright.
  • Avoid foods listed in the ‘Phase 3 avoid list’. Avoid all processed carbs, sugars, and starches.

Download the complete Thinco® Program Guide:

Please note, this program needs to be used in conjunction with the Thinco® Weight Control Drops or Thinco® Weight Control Capsules. If you’ve already purchased and just want a handy version of the PDF guide, or happened to lose your printed program guide, we’ve shared it here for you to access!


Thinco® Approved Products Appendix

Thinco® Diet Meal Plan Example

Phase 2 Allowed Foods List

Download the 21 Day Standard Meal Plan

Download the 21 Day Active Meal Plan

Download Pounds & Inches PDF

Key Ingredients

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