How to Stop Food Cravings

Why do I feel food craving?

A food craving is an intense desire to eat a specific food or to just eat in general. Sometimes this desire can seem uncontrollable and derail any diet progress. We find ourselves wondering how to stop food cravings.

But don’t worry, you are not alone! Food cravings are very common, and more than 90% of people experience them in different forms and intensities.

Some people might experience cravings seemingly out of the blue. However, in most cases, cravings are simply a reaction to the brain triggered by a smell, something you saw or heard, or a memory related to pleasure.

If you want to know how to stop food cravings, you need to know first the two different types of it. Those are selective and non selective.

  • Selective food craving: those are cravings triggered by a specific food, such as your favourite dessert or snack.
  • Non-selective food craving: This is the desire to eat anything that is not specifically related to your favourite foods. Drinking water often helps curb non-selective cravings.

If your diet has been high in sugar, carbs, preservatives, take away foods, alcohol, or gluten, you may experience withdrawals in the form of cravings in the early part of the program. This will pass, so hang in there, and once the program is over, you may discover that you no longer crave those things.

Why do I feel hungry?

Most people do not feel hungry whilst on our program. Proper loading during Phase 1 will prevent this. Also, withdrawals and cravings are often confused with hunger, but if hunger is experienced in the first few days of phase 2, the following strategies on how to stop food cravings may help:

  • Ensure you drink at least 8 glasses of water (this can be green tea also).
  • Psyllium husks, add 1 – 2 tablespoons in a glass of water and drink several times a day.
  • Bulk up your meals with Slendier Noodles (see allowed foods list).
  • Spread your food out throughout the day. For example, have your fruit and grissini sticks or melba toast separately from your meals.
  • Have extra allowed snacks when needed. For example, celery with 50 grams of cottage cheese, chopped cucumber, cherry tomatoes, low calorie jelly.
  • Cut your fruit into small pieces to chew on so that you always have something available if you need it.
  • Make sure you’re eating your full vegetable quota.

If hunger is experienced, this usually passes within the first week.

How to beat hunger and food craving for good:

Unfortunately, old and bad habits die hard, including how to stop food cravings.

It takes a few weeks or months to change the way our body reacts to food. Just like a smoker, a patch on the arm won’t solve years’ worth of bad habits. Even if you know what you need to do, the body has its own clock.

Ever found yourself waking up at a particular time, even without an alarm clock, on a holiday? It’s because the body gets used to a routine over time. Snacking, hunger, and cravings are the same. Every time you reach for that snack out of boredom, or to fix a 3 p.m. craving, you (the body) fall into a snacking trap over time.

So here are some tips to help you through it:

Skipping breakfast can generate stomach hunger pangs, leading to snacking and binging later in the day.

Take a good multivitamin to keep you energised through the day.

Drink up your 3-4L water daily, it’s easy to confuse hunger pangs with thirst.

Control hunger pangs by sending “full” messages to the brain with spicy aromas like ginger, turmeric, curry, chilli powder, and cayenne. These plant extracts can also increase metabolism.

Protein acts as an appetite suppressant to help control hunger pangs.

Do 30 minutes of light exercise every day. Walking, pilates, and yoga are perfect.

If you know you are hungry around 3 p.m., save one of your snacks for 3 p.m.

Eating slowly results in a greater sense of fullness, reducing the intensity of hunger pangs.

Focus on your food, don’t eat distracted, that is in front of your desk, tv, standing etc.

Plate your meals in an appealing and appetising way. We eat with our eyes first. Our eyes are bigger than our bellies.

Brush your teeth after meals.

Keep some tea or water handy with you at all times.

Find a hobby or play a board game.

Firstly, identify your weak times, keep a record of them, and use the tips above to work through them on how to stop food cravings.

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