Phase 2 Thin Up: Allowed Foods List

Phase 2 – Detox Explained

During Phase 2, as you will stop consuming sugar you may find that you experience withdrawal symptoms. You may also experience some detoxing for the first few days as your body starts to eliminate the stored toxins. Symptoms you may experience are headaches, nausea and lethargy. Ensure you drunk at least 3-3.5 litres of water per day to help flush out the toxins. Squeezing fresh lemon into your water or drinking Green Tea can help. Take pain medication as required.. hang in there, this will pass as soon as your body flushes out the toxins. You’re about to feel amazing!

Phase 2 – Supplements

To keep your energy levels up, we recommend taking our Turbo Multi-Vitamin Supreme which will increase your energy stamina and endurance whilst supporting and improving your immune system. It is also during Phase 2 that you start taking any other Phase 2 products you have purchased including our Detox Supreme which will help kick start your weight loss journey as it flushes all toxins from your body.

All our products have been specifically designed for this programmed are Therapeutic Strength and TGA approved.

Phase 2 – Do’s!

✅ Take the Formula (Diet Drops or VLC Diet Capsules), Turbo Multi-Vitamin, Detox other Phase 2 product you have purchased – daily.

✅ Drink 3-3.5 Ltrs of water a day – squeeze 1 lemon per 2 parts water and add stevia for a sweet lemon water. Lemon water helps aide weight loss and detoxes the body.

✅ Ensure you have a taken your BEFORE photo.

✅ Ensure you have taken your STARTING measurements.

✅ Ensure you have a food diary.

✅ Weigh yourself daily first thing in the morning after going to the toilet and before you eat or drink anything.

✅ Shop using Approved Products Appendix in the files.

✅ Meal prep – preparing and freezing your meals ahead of time is very helpful and will help keep you on track.

✅ JOIN our Facebook Private Support Group.

Phase 2 – Don’ts!

❌ No alcohol.

❌ No strenuous exercise on Standard Program.

❌ If its not listed on the Phase 2 approved food list you can’t have it.

❌ NO oils, fats, sugar or carbs (unless listed).

❌ DO NOT deviate from protocol for best results.


Thinco® Approved Products Appendix

Thinco® Diet Meal Plan Example

Phase 2 Allowed Foods List

Download the 21 Day Standard Meal Plan

Download the 21 Day Active Meal Plan

Download Pounds & Inches PDF

Key Ingredients

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