What is the Thinco® Active Program?

The Thinco® Active Program works the same way as the Standard Program with additional calories in the form of extra protein. So instead of two x 100 gram servings of protein per day you can have 3 x 150 to 175 gram servings of protein per day. Everything else is the same as the Thinco® Standard Program.

What is the Average result of weight control on Thinco® Active Program?

Many of our customers report similar weight control outcomes to the Thinco® Standard Program although we suggest that weight control may be slightly less than with the Thinco® Standard Program, with a benefit of less plateaus.

*Individual results may vary

What is the dosage?

Thinco® Active is METHOD 2 (Two Soft Gel Capsules Daily) – One before breakfast and one before lunch or dinner.

Can I start on the Standard Program and change to the Active Program or visa versa?

Yes…. however we only recommend doing this once during the program and NOT going back and forth between programs. So if you start on the Standard program and feel that during the program you want to increase your calories then you would start taking an extra capsule per day and increase your protein servings. Or the opposite – if your start on Active program and decide you want to change to the Standard program.

Who is Thinco® Active Program recommended for?

The Thinco® Active Program is more suitable if –

  • You are male, or if
  • You lead an active lifestyle, or
  • Have a physically demanding job, or
  • Undertake strenuous physical activity or exercise, or
  • You prefer to have the higher protein intake, or
  • Are adverse to the idea of our lower calorie Standard Fat Burning Meal Plan, or
  • Are prepared to accept the possibility of a slightly slower results of weight control.

Can I exercise?

YES… there are NO restrictions on the amount or type of exercise you can do whilst on Thinco® Active program, whereas exercise other than walking is not recommended on the Thinco® Standard program.


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