What is Thinco®?

Thinco® is an all natural, easy, highly effective 3 step weight loss program designed by busy mum Karen Mileto.

It is designed to help you lose weight, regain your confidence, boost your energy levels, get your sexy back, focus on your health and wellness or simply to find your happiness again in your own skin.

The products and program are specifically tailored for busy women of all ages, created and supported by a team of women, as we understand exactly what your concerns are. We not only help you lose weight, with our proven, 100% success formula, we also teach you how to keep it off.

Our Story

Thinco® began in 2013, out of Karen’s desperate need to help her youngest daughter Jemma aged 22 through life threatening weight related issues. This is when she understood and realised that, weight related issues is more than a number that is shown on the scales.

Hence is has become a MISSION for Thinco® and a very personal passion for Karen in educating, helping and supporting others.

There is no perfect body or size and it’s about being happy and loving yourself as you are.

Karen firmly believes that there is lack of education and support for women out there on their journeys and any weight loss should be done in a healthy environment with support to help women regain their health, happiness and confidence.

Say NO to Yo-Yo dieting! And no, popping a pill a day does not magically make the fat melt off (unfortunately). Even if it did, the effects would be short term because those bad habits would take over again.

Allow us to introduce the Thinco® Program!

How many times have you heard this sentence from friends and family? Just exercise and eat healthy, and you will lose weight! Simple right?

It’s really not that simple for many people.

People who are struggling to lose weight due to medical conditions, hormonal issues, adrenal fatigue, pain, time, lack of sleep, stress or just plain bad habits built up over years of unhealthy eating, cannot just exercise and lose weight. 

Our products and program are specifically tailored for busy women of all ages, created and supported by a team of women, as we understand exactly what your concerns are. We not only help you lose weight, with our proven, 100% success formula, we also teach you how to keep it off.

Our program is supported by our 100% all natural, scientifically developed, ARTG Listed formula, that is designed to burn adipose fat (the dangerous fat around your internal organs, on your belly, hips and thighs) fast and effectively. While we preserve your muscle mass.

Backed By Science

Thinco®’s hormone free formula is based on traditional medicine principles combined with an advanced study of obesity by Dr. Simeons “ Pounds and Inches – A New Approach to Obesity”

ARTG Listed

Thinco® products are proudly manufactured in a Licensed Australian Facility, Fully Compliant with Guaranteed Quality Control and Testing to Australian Standards.

everything you need

Your Thinco® Diet Capsules/ Drops order includes our Comprehensive Program Guide, Meal Plan, Recipes and VIP Membership into our private Facebook Group.

, The Thinco Story
, The Thinco Story
, The Thinco Story
, The Thinco Story
, The Thinco Story
, The Thinco Story

Its Fast -
Thinco® targets your bad fight (Adipose Fat) and helps you reduce your overall size.

Its Easy -
Join 1000s of happy people who have completed their program

Its Simple -
Step user guide to help you understand the program.

Our Products are 100% Natural, Gluten & Hormone Free

Our customers can access our free weight loss mentoring and support 7 days a week, 365 days of the year through our friendly, private Facebook Group.

Why Thinco®?

It's Healthier

Learn to eat well for the rest of your life.

It's Living

Enjoy all the things you stopped doing.

It's Community

Make connections in our support group.

It's Fun

Buy new clothes that fit and look great.

It's Real

Real women-supporting-women community to help reach each their weight loss goals

Meet Our Team

Founder & Chief Weightloss & Wellness Consultant
Karen Mileto

The wonderful Karen is the team’s biggest supporter and never tires herself from answering questions from Thinco® customers in the Facebook Group, the website-live chat or emails while maintaining the standards of the program and products.

Thinco® Blog Author

Jemma is our talented resident blogger for Thinco®. Jemma suffered with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa for many years. Food, or lack of became the center of her world and losing as much weight as possible was all that mattered to her. This disease was created through many things but the biggest influence was social media and the unrealistic expectations society puts on woman.

“I tried every weight loss program and/or product under the sun, you name it I tried it. I found that so many of these programs and/or products had very negative impacts on my mental and physical wellbeing.”

Jemma’s mother and owner of Thinco®, Karen Mileto was with her every step of the way. On a positive note, Jemma’s illnesses gave Karen the drive to create a weight loss program for women by women that was unlike any other. A natural, realistic and body positive option that encourages you to love the skin you are in and find your confidence again.

As our resident blogger, Jemma produces material that supports and educates women in positive ways.

It is our mission to stomp on societies expectations and empower women to love the skin their in and to better themselves in more healthy and natural ways.


Tania has worked with Eagle Supreme Health which owns Thinco® for almost 9 years and is Karen’s Operations Manager and “right arm”. Tania keeps everything running smoothly in the Queensland warehouse to ensure everyone’s orders are sent out on time.

Tania lives with her husband and two children in Brisbane.

Weight Loss Mentor

Jaya is a devoted ambassador and mentor of Thinco® after having lost 32 kilos. Most days you will find her in the support group sharing program tips, creating recipes, inspiring members, answering questions, offering support and guidance to members on their Thinco® journey. Jaya is Passionate about Food, Health and Lifestyle and is a ninja in the kitchen and our resident recipe creator.

Jaya also owns her own business Gourmet Spice Kits where you will find the most amazing spice kits that include delicious recipes that can be used with the Thinco® program.

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