The Story Behind Our All Natural Diet Capsule Ingredients

Amino acids. We hear so much about them, yet most of us know so little. We know they are good for us and they help our bodies, and that’s about the extent of most people’s knowledge. Well, when we created our Thinco® Diet Capsules, we did the research for you — and that’s exactly why so many essential and nonessential amino acids play a key role in our formula.

So, Amino Acids: Why Should I Care?

We could get very technical here. Amino acids make up the proteins we need for our bodies to function properly. Proteins are so important that they’re often considered the building blocks of life. If the components that make up these blocks aren’t in good shape, how well do you think the building will hold up to daily life?

Finding a dietary supplement with the right combination of the right amino acids is especially important, because our bodies can only produce 10 of the 20 essential amino acids. The other 10 have to come from a person’s diet. Researchers have found that even a deficiency of just one of the 10 essential amino acids can cause a breakdown of the body’s proteins as it tries to reap the benefits of that specific component. The supplements must be taken daily, too, since your body doesn’t keep any extra.

Thinco®’s hormone free formula is based on therapeutic medicine principles combined with advanced study of obesity by Dr. Simeons “ Pounds and Inches – A New Approach to Obesity”.

Thinco® Diet Capsules have eight essential and nonessential amino acids. Each is incredible in its own right. Some boost your immune system and aid your intestines. Others regulate blood sugar and thyroid hormone levels, relieve pain, improve kidney-related anemia, and can even treat nervous system disorders. However, each also plays a key role in targeting the stubborn adipose fat stores in your hips, stomach and thighs.

We’ve chosen so many muscle-building amino acids because the growth and maintenance of lean muscle is crucial for controlling your weight. Muscle not only takes up less space than the same amount of fat, but even adding one pound of muscle can help you burn an extra 50 calories a day while you rest. Ten pounds of muscle will help you burn 500 calories a day just by being in your body!

Enhancing the Acids: Other Key Ingredients

While the amino acids are crucial for controlling your weight, we’ve added in a few other supplements that work hand-in-hand with the amino acids to make the Thinco® Diet Capsules even more effective.

Working Together to Work For You

All of the Thinco® Diet Capsules are sourced from all-natural ingredients and mixed into a soft-gel capsule you’ll take once a day. The carefully researched and precise measurement ensures that the capsules will do three things:

The capsules must be taken as part of the comprehensive Thinco® program.

The Thinco®Program

See the best results by combining the Thinco® Diet Capsules with our Three-Phase Fat Burning Meal Plan. Our customers experience losing stubbron fat on the 25-day program and even more loss on the 50-day program. The capsules — and the Thinco® Diet Drops, which work the same way — are used in two of the three phases.

Phase One: Take the recommended dosage of capsules as directed on the bottle for this two- to three-day phase. Eat healthy and avoid high-intensity exercise. The capsule ingredients will build up in the body, helping your body absorb nutrients and building a temporary energy store.

Phase Two: Take the capsules as recommended. You’ll start our comprehensive meal program. We’ve spelled out the best nutrient-rich foods to help you lose fat and build muscle. Choose to stay on this phase for at least 21 days.

Phase Three: Learn to keep the fat off! You’ll stop taking the capsules, but will continue to eat healthy as you re-introduce foods to your diet. This phase must take the same number of days as phase two. (For example, if you stayed on phase two for 25 days, plan to stay on phase three for 25 days).

Ready to lose and gain muscle, energy and better health? Get started today!


Thinco® Approved Products Appendix

Thinco® Diet Meal Plan Example

Phase 2 Allowed Foods List

Download the 21 Day Standard Meal Plan

Download the 21 Day Active Meal Plan

Download Pounds & Inches PDF

Key Ingredients

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