Michelle lost 20 Kilos and found it easy to keep the bad cravings away.

“Don’t waste your time with other diets, go straight to Thinco® because it is sustainable. I lost 20 kilos and I’ve maintained most of that since last year.  I’ve found the program easy to follow and maintain and that’s the best part about it. I’m now happier healthier and stronger. I tried many different weight loss methods in the past, a lot of them being shakes and tablets.

I found Thinco® amazing because I love food, and with the program, you get to eat proper food, feel satisfied and enjoy it for the rest of your life, instead of just having shakes where you’re just not going to maintain it later on.

The Facebook support group is amazing, and everything you post on Facebook will get a response straight away and someone’s always there to help you out. You’ll always get the answer to the question if you can’t find it and just backup support to motivate you to keep going, to remind you the reason you started it and to help you keep moving forward.”

*Individual results may vary

Ilana lost 9.4 Kilos after seeing her friend going through an incredible transformation.

“I found Thinco® through a friend, she had started the diet and I could not believe the transformation she made and that made me sign up. I did one round and lost 9.4kgs. It was easy to follow. I have no self-control and I could do it. So if I can do it, anyone can do it.

I had a pair of shorts and I was like, these are the shorts I want to fit in. Every couple of days I’ve tried the shorts on and slowly it was starting to fit me again and then it was like these, perfect. I’m wearing all the time now. I 100% recommend Thinco® to anybody because it is easy and it’s yummy.”

*Individual results may vary.

Lea lost 27.9 Kilos after trying many weight loss methods that didn’t work.

“I have lost 27.9 kgs with Thinco® . The program definitely changed my life for the better. I’m moving, I am active and just feeling a 100% better. I needed to do something about my health, I had sleep apnea, I couldn’t move, my back was seizing up and my knees were seizing up. I’ve got five kids, two are autistic. I’ve got two grandchildren, my oldest daughter is pregnant so I don’t want to miss out on life and that’s what was happening.I have tried pretty much every program that has been out there. I’ve had successful tries and not so successful ones but never one that I actually managed to keep the weight off for good.

Before, I would lose the weight but would put it back on because they weren’t sustainable.

With Thinco®, I’m not worrying about shakes, I’m eating real food and that suits me. What did I have to lose other than a hundred and something bucks?”

*Individual results may vary

Shelley lost 6.3kg & 70cm off her total body measurements in just 3 weeks!!

When I first found out about Thinco®, I was very doubtful that it would work for me as I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose to begin with.

I thought it was too good to be true, there is no way you can lose that much weight so quickly and be able to sustain it.

I couldn’t find any negative reviews no matter where I looked, so I took a risk and it most certainly paid off. I was blown away by my results & just how quickly I was able to achieve my weight loss goals.

My starting weight was 63.8kg and my finishing weight was 57.5kg. I lost 6.3kg which was almost 10% of my overall body weight, 70cm off my total body measurements & all this was achieved in only 3 weeks!!

During phase 1 & 2 I was on the VLC Diet Supreme Soft Capsules and phase 3 I was taking Garcinia Supreme, these products are great at curbing sugar cravings, which was my downfall prior to starting Thinco®!

The best part is I have been able to maintain my weight loss & I feel amazing, I feel so good on the inside. I honestly have never felt so healthy!

What I love about Thinco® is that it’s 100% natural, there’s no hormones or preservatives, it’s gluten free and suitable for vegans! There’s minimal exercise required either is completely diet based! The Facebook support group is so helpful, everyone is so supportive & there’s always great new recipes being shared!

Thinco® has helped me change my eating habits, my lifestyle, it’s helped clear up my skin because I’m no longer eating unhealthy foods, my smaller sized clothes now fit me again!

If Thinco® can work for me, it can work for you! What are you waiting for? 

Start your Thinco® journey today.

, Success Stories

Elyse’s life changing Thinco® journey! Lost 17kgs!

Last year I embarked on another weight loss journey. At the time we had just gone into lock down in Melbourne due to covid19.I Had lost all control over everything in my life, work, home schooling, not being able to leave the house and food was the only thing I was able to control.  We were also 18 months down the track of trying to fall pregnant with our second (after having 3 miscarriages too during that time).
After purchasing the Thinco® products I started the Thinco® journey in mid April after another month of disappointment and eating my pain away. After an amazing month of fuelling my body with the right foods and detoxing from everything else, I managed to lose a whopping 17kg in P2.

I then was only a week into phase 3 and found out we were pregnant so had to cut all the products out however I kept everything else the same. I am so happy to share that we have a little baby girl and it’s all thanks to the team at Thinco®. I’m also happy to share that during my whole pregnancy I didn’t gain a load of weight either and after 2 weeks of giving birth I’m still the same weight I was when I first found out I was pregnant.
This isn’t a diet or a short term solution to weight loss, it’s been a lifestyle change that’s not only given myself confidence again within myself but has given us the biggest gift of all.  Our baby girl!!!
I wanted to share this success story sooner however with the miscarriages I had experienced in the past I didn’t want to jinx anything.  It wasn’t until I saw the post about mothers day and reminiscing on my life this time last year, I thought it was the right time to share and thank you all.

Thank you for everything Thinco®!

Maria lost 8.5kg in her first round of Thinco®!

Hi my name is Maria, and I have just finished the Thinco® weight loss program.

I have tried so many things to shift my baby number 2 weight but nothing seemed to make the weight budge, until I found and tried Thinco®.

I did the 21 day program. My starting weight was 88.9kg and I finished phase 2 at 82.5kg and at phase 3 I finished at 80.4kg with a total loss of 8.5kg.

I used the VLC Diet capsules. I thought I would be starving but found that I was quite full most of the day. The lost weight around my tummy and bottom combined was 16cm.

I love getting out old clothes and being able to fit into them again but I want to do a round 2 as my total goal weight loss is 17kgs.

I feel so confident that I will be able to lose the remainder in my second round. Can’t wait to post my second round of transformation photos.

, Success Stories
, Success Stories
, Success Stories

Marina lost 30kgs!

Being a single mum of 3 can be challenging, you always put yourself at the end of the list. Thinco® made me realise how valuable and proud I am now of myself as a mother and role model to my children.

Thinco® has not only taught me how to eat healthy but has completely transformed not only my body but also my state of mind. I am positive about everything now even in stressful situations I see the brighter side and this is truly amazing!

Thinco® is the best weight loss program and I cannot recommend it enough!

Thank you Thinco® for everything!

Jessica lost 13kgs!

First of all just want to say thank you for your amazing product.

Starting weight: 88.7
Finishing weight: 74.2
Final weight: 75.6

I absolutely love Thinco® ! It has been the easiest and most effective way that I have found to loose weight. I am proud to say I have lost 13kgs. I was feeling really down about my weight, and when I decided to go on the diet – and stick to it – I saw the results in as little as 50days. I used the VLC Diet Capsules which were convenient and assisted my weight loss. Thank you Thinco® !

I am looking forward to doing one more round to get me to my goal weight.

Renee lost 11.4kgs & 43cm in 40 days!

I highly recommend Thinco® as a weight loss solution. I lost 11.4kg & 43 cm in 40 days. That is 86.9kg down to 75.5kg using just VLCD capsules. I still have more weight that I’d like to lose so will be doing a round 2.

The improvements I’ve noticed in myself after round one include-

  • More energy – not feeling the need to take vitamins or supplements for an energy boost.
  • Painful heels are gone – my split/cracked heels are healing up and no longer hurt.
  • I’m more comfortable in myself
  • I’m starting to see my tattoo without having to physically lift up my tummy
  • Back pain has lessened
  • Knee pain is disappearing

I can’t thank Thinco® Team enough and their amazing private support group. Thank you!

M.A lost 17.8 Kgs and couldn’t be more happier!


My name’s May, and I’m a mother to two crazy little boys.
I was introduced to the program by a friend, who was on her first round and I was absolutely amazed at her results.

Everything I ever see or watch, I always think “wish it was me”..
So, I thought, this will be my last option to try because I was desperate to lose weight after letting myself go after having my second baby.

I purchased the 50 day starter pack and was super eager yet nervous to start.
Starting weight was 112.2kg and every single day, I saw the weight drop every single day.
After phase 2 and dropping up to 17kg.. I was able to maintain throughout phase 3 and lost a total of 17.8kg !!!! I’m now sitting at 94.4kg.

I honestly couldn’t be happier with the way the program made me feel. The things I have learnt on this program about the food and the way my body reacts to certain foods , I have been so grateful for.

If you’re sitting there and thinking, should I start? Please, do yourself a favour and do it for you. It’s the best thing that’ll ever happen to you. It works. It really works.

I’m already thinking and planning for round 2.

The support group on Facebook got me through the days I feeling my lowest. The most supportive group of people.

Thank you thank you, thank you!!!!!

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Ebony Lehmann
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Only been on it a week and I LOVE just how simple and easy to follow the program is! Feels really sustainable 🙂
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Roz McDonald
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Thinco is the best thing ever! I have lost 25kgs in 5 months and it was the easiest thing I have ever done! If your in a weight loss rut you must get on to thinco! You won't be disappointed!
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Claudia Brown
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Such an easy program with fast results and wonderful support community, highly recommended
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Annette Kilpatrick
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Easy to follow and if you stick to the program the weight falls off and is easy to maintain. Great customer service and the support group helps you stay on track. My first week of sugar detox was awful but now I have so much energy, and crave healthier foods (no family blocks of chocolate every night!)
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Sinny Boots
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The most amazing program & the BEST support network.
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Deanne Goesch
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I am so happy, I lost 7.5kg in the 21 days. I found the plan easy to follow (For health reasons I already follow a very strict diet of gluten free, lactose free and no sugar) Biggest struggle I had was eating all the food! I have a new love of veggies and salads, and was only a little hungry on two out of the 21 days. Thank you ThinCo!!! I have already recommended this plan to a few of my friends �
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Melanie Orringe
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I am almost half way through my first round and have lost 6.2kg (in 21 days). Can’t wait to post my end pics - half way to my goal with 27 days to go! Thanks Thinco! Great products and wonderful support. I would highly recommend this program.
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Sophia Rose Laker
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Amazing friendly tips for how to lose weight
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Ilana Cent
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I recommend this to all my friends as its so easy to follow and the results speak for themselves!! Started Anzac Day as a size 14 at 74kg. Part way through my second round and in size 10 at 65kg. Feeling great and looking better than i have in 4 years!!
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Bryn Newman
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I am so happy with my results from using Thinco, lost 5 kilos which was my goal! I thought the very low calorie diet would be super hard to stick to but the product really worked to curb my cravings and target that stubborn belly fat and thigh fat I wanted to get rid of.



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