Thinco® Approved Foods To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Are you confused by all the trends out there? It can be hard to know what to eat to lose weight when no-carb or high-fat diets are in one day, the next they’re out. Well, there’s a simpler approach to knowing what to eat when you want to shed some weight. And it even includes snacks.

Thinco’s list of approved foods for weight loss provides a wide variety of choices that cover a range of tastebuds and dietary needs. Because variety is not only the spice of life – it’s essential to a well-rounded diet and can prevent “food boredom” from derailing your weight loss plans. Our list is divided into food groups, beverages, and seasonings and includes our daily allowance recommendations for each. 

And since we know it’s not always easy to stick with your goals (hey, life gets busy and weekends happen!), we also provide tips on how to avoid common slipups. For example, regular meditation helps you stay centred and connected to what your body really needs.   

To give you a clear roadmap to your success, our illustrated list is organised according to Phase 2 and Phase 3 of our program. Let’s dig in!

Phase 2 - Lose FAT

Duration: 23-48 Days

We recommend following Phase 2 for 23-48 days. The foods and portion sizes that make this list are geared toward kicking fat loss into overdrive.

So how does it work? To start, select either the Standard Program or the Active Program, depending on how much physical activity you typically exert. If you exercise fairly regularly, then the guidance in the Active Program column is for you.

And can you really have snacks? We’ll get to that! But first, let’s cover our bases. For proteins, we include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. From beef and veal, lobster and prawns, to tofu, chickpeas and lentils – you’ll find the proteins that you love. Plus, a protein-rich diet can be essential to losing fat. It helps boost metabolism and curb appetite, so you feel full longer.

You probably know fruit is good for you. It has fibre and other good nutrients your body needs. But you also know some fruits are better than others when it comes to losing fat. We’ve eliminated the guesswork, so you know which ones are best to turn to, like the trusty apple. During Phase 2, there are fewer fruits that make our list as compared to Phase 3. Fruits that are higher in sugar can make it harder to lose weight.

And no list would be complete without several servings of vegetables too. But what about flavour, right? Our list has you and your veggies covered with approved seasonings and herbs to zest things up.

You can also top off a meal or grab a bite in-between with our snack recommendations, like hot chocolate and more. A healthy snack can actually be a good thing! It can nip hunger before it becomes a pain and keep you from overeating come mealtime.

Phase 3 - Maintenance - Keep it off

Duration: 21-50 Days

Once you’ve completed Phase 2, you might worry about where to go next. You’ve committed to your weight loss goals, and it’s paying off (high-five!). Understandably, you want to stay on track and maintain the results you’ve achieved.

Well, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered on this next step too. As you’d anticipate, the daily allowance for many of our approved foods is higher. But there are also additional foods and options that make this list. For example, we include more meat and fruit options during Phase 3.

So what’s the recommended timeframe for Phase 3? We suggest sticking with this framework for 21-50 days. The duration will vary from person to person based on your specific goals. Plus, you can always come back to the list if you need to get back on track.

What Phase 2 & Phase 3 Have In Common

It’s one simple thing. It makes up 71% of the Earth’s surface. And it makes up to 60% of your body. Water. It may seem obvious, but water is a staple of our approved foods list. Squeeze in some fresh lemon for a healthy flavour boost! Staying hydrated sounds simple enough, yet it’s so easy to forget to do. Water is the key ingredient to weight loss because it can suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism. Cheers to that!

Ready to get started? Thinco’s complete Phase 2 and Phase 3 Approved Foods for Weight Loss is available online and in a downloadable format too.

Print it out and keep it with you on trips to the market. It’s an easy go-to grocery list all mapped out for you. And it’s here to help you stay on your weight loss path when navigating the aisles and that classic question, “What’s for dinner?”

Download the complete Thinco® Program Guide:

Please note, this program needs to be used in conjunction with the Thinco® Weight Control Drops or Thinco® Weight Control Capsules. If you’ve already purchased and just want a handy version of the PDF guide, or happened to lose your printed program guide, we’ve shared it here for you to access!


Thinco® Approved Products Appendix

Thinco® Diet Meal Plan Example

Download the 21 Day Standard Meal Plan

Download the 21 Day Active Meal Plan

Download Pounds & Inches PDF

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