4 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

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Even when you know which healthy foods to eat, actually being able to pay for them can be incredibly difficult. We’ve all been there, going into the grocery store and being bombarded with specials but the foods associated with those specials aren’t the greatest for our waistline or our overall health. And it is difficult, I mean, who wants to walk pass the discounted chocolate bars and run for the overpriced organic broccoli? No one.

Eating a more healthy and balanced lifestyle is essential but you don’t need to break the bank by doing so. That probably sounds weird to all of you, the words healthy and affordable being paired in the same sentence! Well it is achievable and we’re going to help you get started with these 4 simple tips!

Stick to Your Grocery List

Once you have planned your meals for the upcoming week and you have written down your grocery list, you need to STICK TO IT. It is incredibly easy to get sidetracked when you are at the grocery store, therefore you should start by shopping the perimeter of the store first. By doing so you will fill up your trolley with mainly whole foods. Once you go into the aisles, look at the top and bottom shelves first as the most expensive items are placed at eye level. A little note to self, never shop when you are hungry, you will end up spending double the amount of money.

Leftovers Are Your Friend

When cooking your meals, cook larger meals and use the leftovers for lunches the next day, in other recipes or to freeze in single portion sizes for future meals. Try and use inexpensive ingredients in your meals, double up the portion size and BAM you just saved some money and your waistline.

Buy Generic Brands

Almost every store will offer generic brands for nearly every product; these products are made under a special label and usually have the stores name on them. As advised above, these products are usually on the upper or lower shelves due to their price tag. Generic brands are nothing to be afraid of, food manufacturers have to follow standards to provide safe food, therefore most of these products are the exact same quality; they just cost you less money.

Take Advantage of Those Sales

Most grocery stores have booklets available each week with the stores promotions; make a conscious effort to grab these when you are at the store so you can remember where you can save your money. If one of your favorite products or a staple in your home goes on sale, buy it in bulk and save some money in the long run. Note to self, ensure whatever you are buying in bulk will last a while as there is no point buying something that you will end up throwing out.

So there you have it, four simple tips to eat healthy on a budget, which in turn will benefit your weight loss and your bank account. You can thank us later!

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