4 Ways to Deal When Your Kitchen is Full of Food You Can’t Eat

4 Ways to Deal When Your Kitchen is Full of Food You Can’t Eat

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Do you live with housemates, your partner or your family? Do they have food in the house that you would love to eat but unfortunately can’t due to the Thinco program? You know what I’m talking about, they have their chocolate on display in the fridge next to the decadent creamy cheeses you love and then you open the pantry to see loafs of bread, salty chips and noodles yet you’re stuck with an apple and a grissini stick!!

Don’t worry… we know how you feel and so do the thousands of other woman trying to smash there weight loss goals with Thinco. Because of this we thought we would give all you beautiful people an article focusing on the 4 ways to deal when your kitchen is full of food you can’t eat. So, what are we waiting for… let’s go!


The best way to avoid foods you can’t eat whilst at home is to remove them from your line of sight. Have a chat with your housemates or partner and ask if they can keep their unhealthy pantry food towards to the back, on the bottom shelf or in their room. As for their cold foods, rearrange the fridge so that your foods are on the top two shelves and the unhealthy food is hidden in the bottom draw. Your roommates and/or partner shouldn’t mind altering the kitchen for the few weeks your undergoing the Thinco program. 

Stay Busy 

One of the main reasons people overeat or eat unnecessarily is because they are bored. You know the feeling… you’ve been sitting at home all day, there isn’t much to do so you begin going back and forth from the kitchen, munching on snacks to cure your boredom. Instead, keep busy! Clean the house, go for a walk, pick up a hobby or play with the kids! Keeping your mind occupied on other things will make you forget about the unhealthy foods in your kitchen. 

Remember to Eat 

Sometimes when we are busy we can forget to eat regularly throughout the day and by doing so you put yourself more at risk for breaking your diet. Although the Thinco phase two approved foods list may be slightly smaller than what you are used to, make sure you are eating your required foods at appropriate times throughout the day to avoid getting so hungry you break your diet out of convenience. 

Where’s Your Water Bottle?

Drinking water provides many health benefits for our bodies and can help you deal with the unhealthy foods in your kitchen! By increasing your water intake you are taking up more space in your stomach, leading to a feeling of fullness and reducing your hunger. Please not it is not recommended to over increase your water intake and dramatically decrease your food intake as this is not healthy and doesn’t promote long lasting weight loss results however if you are on track with your snacks and meals and feel hungry because your housemate is sitting next to you with a bowl of noodles then grab that water bottle! 

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