5 Tips to Help Balance Work, Family and Life

5 Tips to Help Balance Work Family and Life

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Before I begin, let’s just take a moment to really think about how demanding all aspects of life can be… I mean we have to schedule in family time, work to build our careers and earn money, have social times with close friends, have date nights with our partners, have sexy time with our partners, have some me time, get 8 hours sleep every night, go to the gym, drink enough water, eat healthy but also treat yo’ self, spend time with pets and make sure their needs are met, clean the house like STOP.

There is just always so much to do and so much going on around us that it gets incredibly easy to feel stressed out and overwhelmed. Especially once we start to compare, thanks to our good friend social media. We see our friend’s online posting photos here, there and everywhere; looking like everything is perfect and their lives are fully balanced. Then we begin to wonder… what am I doing wrong? Why is my life so UN balanced? Well lovely, I have news for you. We are all in the same boat, regardless of what our Instagram looks like… we are all close to losing our s***

And why wouldn’t we be? It’s really hard to find enough time to get everything done and most of the time we feel like we are always playing catch up. We want to try and take some of this pressure of your shoulders; we want to give your life some peace and ease. That is why we have looked into 5 tips to help balance work, family and life in general.


You (us to) need to get a calendar and actually schedule time in. Whether it be time with the kids, friends, partner, me time, the gym… whatever it may be put it into your calendar. Once it is in the calendar you need to make a rule to yourself. Scheduled time is scheduled time and it doesn’t get moved. It’s easy to ask for a balanced life but you also have to put in the work here ladies. 

Let Go of The Guilt 

You need to remember that you are only human and you need to let go of the guilt associated with sometimes not having the greatest work life balance. You cant get it right every time and sometimes you are going to have to make sacrifices but don’t dwell on this. 

 Rethink Your Idea of “Clean” 

Unmade beds or some dishes in the sink are not the end of the world although sometimes we make it seem that way. Try and get used to a little messiness and spend more time enjoying your life. Now remember we aren’t saying just throw all cleaning out the window (although that would be amazing) as a very messy environment isn’t good for our mental or physical wellbeing. Some mess is good mess in the grand scheme of things. 

Learn to Say “No”

Keep in mind that you can respectfully decline offers of additional work or even certain social events. When you stop doing things out of guilt, you’ll find more time to focus on the activities that you really want to be doing and the people you want to be doing them with. This is your life and although some aspects we are required to do, you don’t have to do all of them; remember that.  

Technology Management

Unfortunately nowadays our phones have almost become super glued to our head and everyone falls victim to too much screen time. However, technology should make your life easier, not control it. Use technology to better your communication with work, friends and family but also have time out periods. For example, after work at dinner put all mobile phones and electronic devices in a box and don’t use them until dinner and family time has finished. 

So there you have ladies, 5 tips to help balance work, family and life overall. We hope these tips can help relieve some of the pressure life puts on us and if you have any additional tips you think would be beneficial for other reads, let us know!

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