How to Pack a Healthy Lunch

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Packing a healthy lunch, or any lunch at all as a matter of fact can be an incredibly hard thing to do. I mean we already have so much on our plates (not at lunch time however) with work, children, exercise, friends, social outings, study, cleaning, sanity… where do we find the time to pack a healthy lunch as well? Give us a break! 

If you feel the way we do then this article is the one for you. We were struggling on how to pack a healthy lunch and noticed that most of the time we resulted in buying lunch, which wasn’t that healthy or cost effective. Through these tips and tricks we have found from our beloved friend the Internet we now know how to pack a healthy lunch and we’re filling you in on the secrets!


Something we weren’t that great at but hey we’re getting better. An incredibly helpful tip in packing a healthy lunch is to make extra dinner. Whether it is a zucchini pasta dish, loaded sweet potatoes, vegetable stir-fry, you name it make extra of it! By doing so you are preparing your lunch and dinner at the same time, which gives you more free time, relieves some of the pressure and cuts costs. 

Another preparation method is to start meal prepping; this is where you pick a day during the week (most people choose Sunday) and cook all meals for the week at one time. This way you can easily grab your healthy lunch to go. 

Use Leftovers Creatively 

If you have some leftovers sitting in the fridge, don’t throw them out or freeze them, get creative. For example if you cooked some lemon chicken for dinner, throw that lemon chicken into a delicious green salad or in a wrap with some hummus dip. If you made tacos over the weekend use some of the mince for a burrito bowl or on it’s own with a side of vegetables/brown rice. 

Time Management

Don’t leave your lunch preparation to the last minute, either set your alarm for a little earlier to make fresh in the morning or before laying down to watch a movie in the evening make a conscious effort to get up and throw together a salad. A little bit of time and effort can go a long way. 

Get Inspired

If you are lacking some lunchtime inspiration then dive into the World Wide Web and look at some recipes that will get your taste buds dancing. Instagram is also an effective tool in gaining some inspiration with numerous food bloggers posting their favourite meals and snacks. Give it a go!

Find a Good Lunch Box 

A lunch box that truly keeps food tasting fresh and crisp is worth the investment. There are lunch boxes available that have multiple sections to avoid food becoming soggy or bunched together. This way you will be excited to pack your healthy lunch as you’ll get to fill each section with your favourite bits and pieces. 

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