Problem Solving: Easy Ways to Solve Daily Life Problems

Problem Solving: Easy Ways to Solve Daily Life Problems

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Everyone has problems in life. For the most part, we are able to quickly solve them without much trouble. However, life is of course full of problems… so full of problems that at times it seems as though solving one problem creates a new problem. But having problems is a necessary part of life. As Norman Vincent Peale said, problems are to the mind what exercise is to the muscles, they toughen and make strong. With that said, let’s look at easy ways to solve daily life problems together as I for one, definitely learnt a thing or two. 

You Didn’t Reach Your Goal 

Just because you have set a goal, doesn’t mean you are going to achieve it. Many of life’s hardest goals take numerous attempts. For example, some of the goals I missed in life include dream careers, saving enough money to buy my dream car, reaching thousands of followers on Instagram, having a shredded bikini body… the list goes on, okay. Sometimes what we seems to forget is the best part of reaching a goal is the journey it took to get there. If all of your goals were easy, then you would feel nothing at the end of the process. 

What is the solution? Take the goal that you are having difficulty in achieving and try a different approach. Doing the same thing over and over again to achieve the goal is definitely going to buy you a one-way ticket to insanity. For example, my goal of a shredded bikini body could definitely be obtained if I took a different approach. If I exercised more than three times a month a stopped comparing myself to others, I would probably find myself reaching that goal sooner rather than later. What is a goal that you could look at differently? 

Someone Criticised You 

Look, people can be mean, judgmental, jealous and just plain rude.  It is a fact of life. Another fact of life is that sometimes, those rude people will criticize you, simply to make themselves feel better. The bigger your aspirations are, the more you will be criticized. 

What is the solution? Accept it. You cannot please everybody that you meet in life. Also why would you want to? Talk about tiring work. Also, as mentioned above, why not try a different approach? Critics are not all bad. You can learn things about yourself from them too. Therefore try and learn from criticism, rather than be afraid of it. 

You Experience Some Financial Troubles 

That crazy little thing called money will let you down at some point. This can sometimes feel like the end of the world because if we are all honest, money does seem to center our universe at times. Interestingly, there have been countless studies conducted, which show that money isn’t what your life is about. As humans, we seek meaning, love and our own version of happiness. Money won’t give you any of those human needs. I am not saying that money doesn’t matter; it does. It just means that it shouldn’t be your main focus or something you spend your time obsessing about. 

What is the solution? Tackle the problem differently this time. You may begin to notice that when you don’t have money, you become resourceful and creative at the same time. Also, a lack of money allows you to decide what really matters and what doesn’t. The solution to financial problems is to see them as a gift and choose a meaning for your life instead. However, if things do get really bad and you cannot feed your family then we suggest looking at better ways to budget, consider adjusting your working hours and start keeping your eyes peeled for sales. 

You Made A Fool of Yourself 

If I am honest, I have made an ass out of myself more times than I have had dinners. I have spilled food all over myself on a first date. I didn’t prepare for my presentation and ended up making a fool of myself in front of the class. I have waved at people who in fact were not waving at me. I have gotten drunk and thought I can dance exactly like Beyoncé. It happens. 

What is the solution? Accept that you are not perfect and move on. This can be hard. I won’t lie. I have noticed that when I make a fool out of myself, I tend to replay the exact moment in my head all day or even all week. Instead we need to realize that we as human beings are not perfect, everybody messes up and in reality, no one cares and has forgotten about it way before you did. Don’t waste your time or energy worrying! 

You Feel Stressed

Stress is a part of life, however, sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Stress can lead to brain fog, tiredness, a lack of mental clarity, anxiety, insomnia and many more negative things. 

What is the solution? De-clutter your home or office. Say no when you are too busy. Say yes to more positive invitations. Have fewer people in your life. Meditate. Take regular breaks. Listen to your favorite song. Read your favorite book. Go for a walk. Scream. Smash a plate. Move on with the rest of your day. 

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