10 Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight

10 Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight

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Weight loss is something we all aspire to achieve. So much so that sometimes we go about it in an unhealthy ways to lose weight and put ourselves at risk. From liquid-only detoxes, cabbage soups and long term fasting… there are plenty of weight loss options that promise to help your shred as much weight as possible in a small time frame that can have some serious health consequences. This article is going to explore 10 unhealthy ways to lose weight so that all of you beautiful people can steer clear of them. 

Juice Cleanse

If you have ever undertaken a juice cleanse you have probably noticed that you feel incredibly light and clean. The problem with a juice only cleanse is that the juices have very limited amounts of protein. You are losing a lot of water weight and muscle mass, not fat. Another negative aspect of this diet option is that once you go back to solid foods, you pile all that weight back on. A healthy juice daily can most definitely improve your health, especially if they are jam packed with nutritious fruits and vegetables. Just make sure that you are also eating healthy, protein packed meals throughout the day. 

Skipping Meals

Skipping meals is an unhealthy ways to lose weight fast it dramatically reduce your calorie intake but what most people don’t notice is that in doing so, you are increasing the changes of stuffing your face later on. The body needs food as fuel to function and can only go so long without energy. Once you start eating, you will find that you can’t stop as your body is trying to make up that energy. Moderate size healthy meals regularly throughout the day are better for your metabolism and overall health. 

Fat-Free Everything

When we commence a diet a lot of us think that by buying the fat-free options at the supermarket we are doing the right thing. Unfortunately we are not. Not only are these fat-free foods filled with sugar but also completely denying yourself of healthy fat cans make you sick. Moderate amounts of olive oil and avocadoes for example are not bad for you.  

Cutting out Entire Food Groups

Another thing we all seem to do is to either completely cut our carbs or completely cut out sugar. We need to stop. Each food group contains vital nutrients that our bodies need in order to function. It is all about balance. 

Laxative Teas

Sure laxative teas leave you feeling lighter however they don’t actually help you lose weight and can be incredibly harmful. The tea is increasing your bowel function, not making you lose fat. You are actually losing fluid and disrupting your electrolyte levels. 

Diet Soda

Diet beverages come with their own health risks so although we think we are cutting out some sugar; we are actually causing more harm to our bodies due to the chemical replacements in those drinks. 

Over Exercising 

Yes upping exercise will lead to more calories burning but in doing so you are also increasing your hunger levels, which may drive you to eat more. An hour of exercise a day is more than enough; you don’t need to over do it. 

Working Out On an Empty Stomach

A continuation from the above point, if you hit the gym without fueling your body with energy then you are doing unhealthy ways to lose weight you are going to lose a lot of muscle. You wouldn’t go on a road trip without putting petrol in your car. 

Overly Restrictive

Being too restrictive with our eating habits can cause us to break the ‘rules’ and overindulge as a result. Not to mention, being overly restrictive can lead to serious illnesses such as anorexia and bulimia. Instead of focusing on food ‘rules’ focus on healthier foods in your everyday life. 

You’re Not Celebrating Your Progress

Real weight loss actually takes some time however we are all a little impatient. If we don’t see drastic changes within the first week or so we become discouraged and quit. Instead set a long-term goal as well as smaller, short term goals. Look back on your success, see your progress and celebrate yourself. 

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