Can You Eat Hello Fresh Food While On Thinco?

Can You Eat Hello Fresh Food While On Thinco?

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As we are living in the 21st century you have probably heard about Hello Fresh and just in case you haven’t; Hello Fresh is a meal plan option for those who want to achieve their weight loss goals or maintain their current weight but are time restricted or wish to have more variety in their diet. With Hello Fresh you select a meal plan and then receive a delivery of bagged groceries with recipes that you cook fresh at home. A commonly asked question by customers is if Hello Fresh can be consumed whilst on the Thinco program and this article is here to answer. 

Hello Fresh offers a variety of meals such as Indian Tandoori Haloumi Burgers, Thai Spiced Beef Stir-fry and many more. As you may be aware Thinco has a very strict set of allowed foods for both phase 2 and phase 3 of the VLC program and with most of the recipes on Hello Fresh, you aren’t able to consume all of the ingredients included. For example a lot of their protein and vegetable meals include creamy mash potatoes, rice or a pasta salad side. Some of the proteins and or vegetables included are accompanied with creamy or high calorie sauces. Other menu options are meals such as risottos or pasta dishes, which too are not Thinco approved foods. Some aspects of these meals are in line with Thinco approved foods however a lot of the foods would end up being wasted. 

If you are currently in phase one of the VLC program you are allowed to eat any of the meals provided on Hello Fresh as during this phase you can eat anything and everything you wish however for the other phases these meals would not be appropriate nor would they assist in reaching the weight loss goals that the Thinco meal plan try to achieve. If you are a Hello Fresh lover we recommend commencing your plan before or after your Thinco journey.

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