Everything You Need to Know About The VLC Diet

everything you need to know about the VLC diet

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If you’re reading this article it is more than likely because you have heard that the Thinco VLC Diet is all the rage right now… and let’s be honest, it is! However, you probably have numerous questions that you want answered, which is where I come in.  In today’s society there are a million and one-diet options available to us and all of them have different rules and guidelines, which can be pretty difficult to keep up with. Within this article the program in its entirety will be broken down and will provide you with all of the knowledge you need to start your weight loss journey. 

Firstly Thinco’s VLC diet has two options, standard or active. Within the standard plan minimal exercise is needed and you undertake a lower calorie meal plan. Within the active plan you are allowed to continue your favorite exercises and follow a higher calorie meal plan that permits more protein. The active program is more suitable for men or if, you lead an active lifestyle, have a physically demanding job, undertake strenuous physical activity, prefer to have higher protein intake while training, you are adverse to the idea of a very low calorie (VLC) diet or you are happy to lose the weight slightly slower. Whether you choose to undertake the standard or active plan, it is important to prepare for your Thinco journey. You need to read the program guide thoroughly, weigh yourself every day, keep a food diary, take before and after photos, join the Facebook support group and take your measurements using the measurement chart within your program guide. 

Thinco’s VLC Diet is a 100% natural weight loss program that consists of three phases for both the standard and active plan options. Phase One is the “Load Up” phase where you can eat anything and everything for a total of two days so enjoy it while it lasts as during phase 2 you won’t be having carbs, sugar or fats. Enjoy your ‘naughty foods’ and think of it as a short goodbye. Whilst in this phase it is important to commence your supplement, which is either one capsule daily 10 minutes before a protein meal (lunch or dinner) or 10 drops under the tongue 3 times a day. Recommend foods for phase one include coconut oil, salmon, avocado, cheese, eggs, bacon, fish, meats and even your favorites… burgers, pizza, fried chicken and so forth. 

Phase Two is where the magic happens and can be continued for either 23 or 48 days depending on what your specific weight loss goals are. Throughout this phase you need to take your supplements (same dosage as mentioned above), drink 3-3.5 liters of water a day, ensure you have taken your before photo, ensure you have started taking your measurements, start your food diary, begin weighing yourself daily in the morning and keep up to date with the notifications in our support group. You cannot drink alcohol, no strenuous exercise if on the standard program, no oils, fats, sugar or carbs and no foods outside of the approved phase two foods list. The approved non-vegetarian proteins include fish, crab, lobster, prawns, chicken, turkey, eggs, venison, deer, beef (no fat), veal, goat and kangaroo.

The approved vegetarian proteins include cottage cheese, whey protein powder, chickpeas, lentil flour, lentils, soya beans or soya chunks. The approved vegetables are lettuce, celery, cucumbers, calabash, winter melon, bottle gourd, ivy gourd, kale, bean sprouts, cabbage, onions, asparagus, spinach, silver beet, bitter melon, snow peas, choko, fennel, zucchini, hog plum, tomatoes, white radish, alfalfa sprouts, taro leaves, white gourd and Asian greens such as bok bhoy or pak choy. The approved fruits are apples, grapefruit, strawberries, watermelon, oranges and rhubarb. Dairy per day include one of the following; 1 tablespoon of cow, almond or soy milk, 1 tablespoon of sour cream, 1 tablespoon of Greek yoghurt or 1 tablespoon of cream. The approved snacks are grissini sticks or melba toast, sugar free hot chocolate, low calorie jelly, cottage cheese or 100g of additional approved vegetables. The approved seasonings are chia seeds, salt and pepper, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, lime/lemon juice, natural herbs and spice, fresh herbs and spices or braggs amino acid. The approved drinks include coffee or herbal teas and soda water. Not as restrictive as you may of thought am I right? If you prefer more structure during your weight loss journey, visit our program guide for a sample meal plan.

Between phases two and three you need to go through your transition period, which is, where you stop taking your VLC supplement but continue eating the phase two allowed foods for 2 days to eliminate the formula from your system. On the third day your maintenance phase and food plan will commence. 

Phase Three is your maintenance period where you keep the weight off and can be undertaken for either 21 or 50 days depending on your weight loss goal. This phase is the most important phase of the program and its purpose is to maintain and stabilize the weight you have lost. It is recommended to take our Garcinia Supreme supplement for additional support, as it will suppress your appetite and cravings and limit emotional eating. Do not try to lose weight in phase three, as the goal is for your body to set your new weight as it’s target weight. The weight recorded on the final morning of taking the formula will be the ‘target weight’ and stabilizing to that weight (+ or – 0.9kg) is the aim of the maintenance phase, which may take as long as phase two. You need to re-introduce foods slowly, avoid foods in the phase 3 avoid list, increase your protein by 50-100% and continue recording your daily weight. If your weight increases above 0.9kg you must have a steak, fish or egg day, which is further explained on page 30 of our program guide. The approved proteins include all proteins listed in phase two, all seafood, fresh or canned salmon, fresh or canned tuna, scallops, lean pork, chicken and turkey thighs, lamb (no fat), cottage cheese, chickpeas, lentils, soya beans, soya chunks, tempeh, whey protein and lentil flour. The approved oils include olive oil, coconut oil and butter. The approved fats include sugar free bacon, 1-tablespoon sugar free mayo, ½ an avocado, ricotta, haloumi, bocconcini and unprocessed cheeses. The approved dairy is the same as phase two. The approved vegetables include all vegetables in phase two, eggplant, mushrooms, all leafy greens, broccoli, capsicum, snow peas, cauliflower, sprouts, all onions, green beans and artichoke hearts. The approved fruits include all fruits listed in phase two, pears, apricots, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, guava, plums, melons, cranberries, mandarin and papaya. Like phase two, sample meal plans are available within our program guide along with the foods to avoid during this phase. 

What results to expect on your Thinco program? Well in the first week, you will usually see the best weight loss results and the following is an example of what one might see if they need to lose weight over 7kgs and have not deviated from the 50 day program:

  • Week 1: between 2-5kg
  • Week 2: between 2-4kgs (stalling may occur by day 10)
  • Week 3: Where one would generally tend to stall as it’s harder to locate the fat cells. In depth information is available in our program guide on why this occurs.
  • Week 5: between 1-3kgs.
  • Week 6: between 1-3kgs. 

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the VLC Diet! It may seem like a lot of information to digest all in one go therefore if this program is one you are thinking about undertaking, I recommend reading through our program guide that has some more comprehensive explanations. 

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