How To Avoid Putting On Weight

How To Avoid Putting On Weight (after Thinco)

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So you have done your Thinco program and you are feeling yourself right now. Your clothes are fitting better, your skin is looking better, your confidence has grown and overall you just feel, well… better. Now like a lot of diet programs, the weight you lost will not magically stay lost without some attention to your lifestyle (I know, we were upset when we heard this as well). 

If you’ve thought to yourself, how can I avoid putting on weight after my Thinco program then this is the article for you. We get it, you’ve just put in all that hard work and you don’t want to see it go to waste. That is why we have the tips and tricks that will help you maintain your weight and continue living a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

Let’s Get Moving

We all know that exercise is good for us, we may not like doing it but at the end of the day exercising does have a lot of health benefits; one of those being weight loss and maintenance. We’re not saying start an exercise you hate doing as that won’t help you stay motivated whilst doing it. We’re suggesting you pick up some form of physically exercise that you will enjoy such as yoga, walking with friends or a boxing class at your local gym. We can guarantee there will be something out there for you so have a look at what is in your local area or what your friends are doing and give it a go! 

Hello Protein 

Protein increases levels of certain hormones in the body that keep you fuller for longer and are important for weight regulation. Protein also requires a lot of energy in order for your body to break it down, therefore eating protein increases the number of calories your burn throughout the day (woohoo burning calories just from eating! Now that is what we’re talking about!) Make sure you are incorporating an adequate amount of protein in all three of your daily meals. 

Where Are Those Scales?

You should weight yourself regularly as by doing so you can determine if your current meal plan is working for you. If you can see your gaining some weight maybe you will need to modify your meal plan or increase your level of exercise. If you are losing weight and don’t want to be then you can look at upping your carbohydrate and protein levels to make that weight up in muscle mass. 


You were just on a pretty strict meal plan and you got through it with ease, therefore we suggest you try and stick to a similar routine in your everyday life. We’re not saying be as strict but set boundaries for yourself. For example you can eat healthy all week and let yourself enjoy your weekend or you could exercise all week but give your body the weekend to rest. Or make a conscious effort to go to the gym, the same time every day so that you set yourself that routine. 

Where’s My Water Bottle? 

Drinking water is incredibly helpful for weight maintenance as it promotes fullness meaning you keep your calories in check and it actually slightly increases the number of calories you bur throughout the day. If you aren’t a fan of water try adding some fresh fruit for a natural, delicious flavor boost. 

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