How To Be Thankful For 2020

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Are you thankful for 2020? All right, I know what you are probably thinking reading the title of this article…is this woman living in the same 2020 that I am? Does she realize that we had a coronavirus outbreak? Australian bushfires went crazy? There were riots? Shootings? Plane crashes? Various explosions? And racial murders? (Wow, maybe I could’ve started this on a happier note). Look. I get it. This has not been the easiest year to find things to be thankful for, however, there still are some bright spots that we should all be acknowledging. 

One-way to be thankful for 2020 is to sit down and think about all of the beautiful things that happened within. Interestingly enough, there was a lot that maybe you missed: 

  1. The doctors, nurses and medical professionals that put their own health at risk to care for millions of infected patients this year. 
  2. First responders are willing to be available at all hours to help so that you and I can sleep soundly every single night. 
  3. Farmers, truckers and grocery workers are the reason your family can gather around your dining room table and enjoy a meal together. 
  4. Increased family time was one of the benefits some of us received when lockdown occurred. As a result, according to studies, teenagers are getting more sleep and suffering from less depression. 
  5. As silly as it sounds but online streaming services are definitely something to be thankful for, how else were we going to kill the time?
  6. Good health… even if your health isn’t great, as we have seen, it could be worse and you likely still have some working parts to be thankful for. 
  7. Calling all pet lovers… where would we be without their unconditional love?
  8. Although lockdown was frustrating, we should be thankful that we had a home, a bedroom and a bed to actually do lockdown within. 
  9. Even though at one point we could only go so far… we were able to step outside to breathe in beautiful fresh air 
  10. How many times did you laugh throughout the year? Don’t take it for granted, as the world would be a very sad place without laughter. 
  11. Sunshine… regardless of what we had going on in our plant, the sun still provided us with sunshine and warmth. 
  12. Something as simple as clean water… many people on earth lack access to clean water. 
  13. Mobile phones, whilst a blessing and a curse… they did allow us to talk to our loved ones during a difficult time. 
  14. Books are another beautiful pastime to enter another world all from the comfort of your own home. 
  15. The kindness of strangers definitely came through this year… we should never take that for granted. 

One of the biggest things to be thankful for… you woke up today!

Share your thoughts. What are you thankful for this year?

On another note, are you writing your news year resolution list? Here is something that might help you get started fresh.

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  1. Elspeth

    We are alive, walking have food, shelter and clothes – thank God

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