5 Best Christmas Gifts to Buy for Yourself

Christmas gift to buy for yourself

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We are getting closer and closer to one of the biggest days of the year… Christmas! I am a firm believer that whilst finding the best presents for our loved ones is important, buying some presents for ourselves is also important. It is just as much your holiday as anyone else’s. You know what you like and don’t like. You worked your butt off this year. You survived the craziness of what 2020 had to bring. Therefore I think you deserve a damn gift from yourself to yourself! In this article, I am going to explore 10 best Christmas gifts to buy for yourself. Let’s see which one ends up under your tree. 


You don’t have to have a green thumb to invest in some succulents… these little beauties only require a space where they can soak in the sunshine, and a water once in awhile for nourishment. That’s it! The reason I believe this is a wonderful Christmas gift from you, to you, is because of the amazing benefits growing succulents in your home brings. They can brighten a home in any climate, purify the air, improve the humidity in your home, add fresh oxygen to your environment, improve your focus, increase pain tolerance and enhance your memory. Plus they are very pretty! 


Now don’t be confused with this one. It is not for your significant other at all. This gift is purely for you and you alone. Lingerie like corsets, bustier, brassiere, thongs and g-strings are tight and enhance the shape of your body. They don’t only make the individual wearing them look better but they really boost your confidence and self-esteem. I don’t know about you but when I am wearing beautifully crafted lingerie I feel like a goddess. 

The Gift of a New Hobby 

Do you want to add something new and exciting in your life but don’t know where to start? Well the gift of a new hobby is the perfect idea for you. Think about what your passions are and go from there. Is your passion in a cooking class? A candle making class? An exercise class? A shoe making class? A knitting class? The opportunities are endless. 

Book Club Membership 

Are you a little bit of a bookworm and once you pick up a book you feel you can escape some of your problems for a little while? Or maybe you just want to pick up reading as a new pass time or hobby? Well then I have good news for you! There are a variety of book subscription boxes that you can gift yourself! Have a look here to see which box suits you. 

Weighted Blanket 

These blankets are designed to relieve stress and create a sense of calm. They do this by providing pressure on your body, which is done as the blanket is filled with glass or plastic pellets for added weight. Some also have extra layers of fabric to increase their heaviness. Weighted blankets can help calm a restless body, reduce feelings of anxiety and improve sleep troubles. What a better present to gift yourself?

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