How to Beat Mood Swings During The Thinco Program

How to Beat Mood Swings During The Thinco Program

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When undertaking a weight loss journey you may have noticed that it never seems to follow a straight path… some days your weight is up, then it is down and some days you just have no idea what the heck is going on and the same can be said for your mood. In fact, one study shows that the simple act of exerting self-control can lead to irritation, stress and anger. In another study, when individuals decided to eat a healthy snack over junk food, they were more likely to want to then watch movies with angry, revenge-filled plots. See don’t worry ladies… we aren’t crazy. So now begs the question, how do we beat mood swing during the Thinco program? 

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself 

All right, it is time for a truth circle. Whatever is said in this circle stays in this circle. How many of you have cheated a little whilst being on the Thinco program? Maybe you had a little bit of your friends food whilst on a lunch date, or had a cheeky drink over the weekend or got so hangry you ate a food item that is not on the approved list of foods? Don’t worry, we have all been there and would you like to know why? Because we are HUMAN. However this can be one the biggest challenges to your mood as you will experience self-defeat. Usually when one slightly slips on a diet you immediately feel as though you failed and that the whole day has become a waste. This feeling of failure is usually accompanied by frustration and ager and can really ruin your day (and others if they happen to get in your way). 

The best way to beat this is to find people you can talk to and share how you are feeling. Sometimes a spouse or family member isn’t the best option, as they might not always understand your frustrations. We recommend utilizing the Facebook support group, a buddy who is doing the program with you or a friendly face at your local gym. 

It’s Time To Be Patient 

I think we can all agree the most frustrating thing whilst on a diet is working super hard for a few days/week, stepping on the scale and then being disheartened with the number you see. Again, THIS IS NORMAL. The voice in my head immediately screams “what the actual f***! I have been starving for 4 days, walking my butt off and for that!” Don’t worry… I feel you ladies. The way to beat this is to be patient and lower your expectations. You need to remember; the weight didn’t go on over night (although sometimes it feels like it definitely did) therefore it isn’t going to come off over night. The Thinco program can deliver amazing results but you need to trust the process. 

Remember Your Body is Changing 

When we go from eating whatever we feel like to restricting our calories changes in brain chemistry can affect our mood. When you’re hungry, levels of the brain chemical serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood as well as appetite and sleep, fluctuate, which make it difficult to control your anger. To beat this you need to be patient and allow your body the time to adjust, space our your food so that you don’t feel famished and try take your mind off things by partaking in hobbies or social outings. 

For Heavens Sake, Stop Comparing 

Comparing ourselves to others is pretty normal in today’s society and God knows it is a sure way to feel pretty crappy. You may compare yourself to someone you see on the street, a friend who is also doing the program or someone on the Facebook support group. Don’t allow these negative feelings to ruin your day or worse, your week. Instead stand in front of the mirror and name 5 things you like about your appearance, do this every day throughout your Thinco program. Instead of focusing on the negatives let’s focus on the positives because you are beautiful in your own right.


  1. Rebecca

    Hi, My name is Bec and I started my Thinco thing one week ago today… the hardest thing for me has been getting over the cravings I have every night for tim tams, followed up by a large bag of potato chips…. Getting used to the approved foods on the list has been another biggie for me…. when I fist looked at it I just skimmed over it and shook my head and said WTF…. there is little on here that I like…. But I have stuck to it as best I can for the first week ….. Can i say that I am not on facebook or any social media at all… the only contact I have had is on your Live chat…. I’ve been pestering someone called Holly all week , most of the time with numerous questions I can get answers to if I take the time to read my guide properly !! She has been fantastic !!! Shutting me down straight away with the of the foods I thought was ok to have … shes been so good to have…. Me being a slacko …. I can ask her anything and everything and shes always positive but honest with me … even if its not what I want to hear.
    Cant praise her enough… I will stay chatting with her for my full 60 days I have promised myself..

    1. Tania

      Hi Bec, Thank you for your message. We are pleased you are finding your feet and that you find our online chat and staff helpful. We look forward to following your journey 🙂

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