How To Deal With Negative People Around You

How To Deal With Negative People Around You

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Does other people’s negative energy bring you down? Maybe It’s your co-workers, family members, or even friends you’ve grown apart from. When you are surrounded by negativity, it’s very easy to absorb that energy and start to feel negative yourself. This can really mess with your mindset and make you feel drained. That is why it is vital to surround yourself with people with who you easily connect with and who uplift your spirits. We all know that’s not always possible though, especially since we don’t exactly get to choose our family members or co-workers. That being said, there are ways we can bring positivity to situations and not let the negativity cloud our minds. If that is something you are trying to achieve then this is the article for you. 


Remember that the way individuals act has absolutely nothing to do with you. Therefore, it is important to detach yourself from their frustrations and don’t internalize them as your fault. They have their own things to work through, and that’s on their shoulders to deal with… not yours. 

Avoid Blame

Don’t blame, assume or attack the negative person in your life. Telling them to ‘stop being so negative; usually doesn’t go down very well. Instead, show this person the compassion and empathy that you would want them to show you. However, you need to be mindful to not let them walk all over you either. 

Respond Calmly

Respond the way you would want them to talk to you. Avoid getting passive aggressive because that doesn’t help anybody. If they are gossiping or putting others down, you can either change the conversation or simply walk away. 

Be Firm

It is important to be firm with your boundaries. When someone does something that crosses a line for you, ensure that you make it known. You must stick up for your beliefs, your time, and your energy because otherwise people will take advantage of these things. 

Find the Positive

Identify what gives you positive energy. This could be certain people, TV shows, books, exercise, self-care etc. seeks these things out often, especially when you feel like others are draining your energy. And if someone else’s negative energy is compromising your happiness, walk away, even if that means forever. 

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