Apps That Can Help You Be More Organized at Work

Apps That Can Help You Be More Organized at Work

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Do you need some help to be more organized at work? Well, look no further as this is the article for you! By keeping organized, you better your overall health and well-being, boost productivity at work, and enable a sense of peace at home. You will also save real chunks of time, money, space, and energy all of which reduce tension and stress in your life. If you are ready to feel calmer, clearer, more focused, and more motivated then lets dive into this article together. 

Last Pass

How many times have you had to hit the “forgot my password” button when trying to sign into your account and then have to go through all the painstaking steps of recreating another? If you are like me and the answer is more times than you can count, then this handy app is the one for you. Last Pass keeps all your passwords, both work and personal, in one easy-to-access spot. 

Microsoft To Do 

If you have multiple to-do lists, this app will be your lifesaver. It is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and laptop. It’s intuitive design is easy and highly functional. Use it to manage multiple lists, set reminders and keep track of important notes, documents, or voice recordings pertaining to a particular task. Users explain that they use it to track all tasks, both personal and business. It also gives users a sense of satisfaction as a paper list does as you can check off when a task is completed. 

Family Wall

Family Wall helps manage your family’s everyday life by sharing everyone’s schedules and activities, tracking grocery lists, planning for dinner, managing to-dos as well as locating kids when they are outside. The shared calendar helps organize everyone’s schedules, activities, and appointments in one place that is accessible anytime, anywhere. Synchronized with your phone or your favourite calendar, you will never miss a birthday or special event again. Keep all your lists in one place. Create custom lists that are automatically updated as they get completed, so you know what needs to be done. Plan the meals of the week and easily share with your family what’s on dinner. Drag and drop your favourite recipes, import them from the web or discover new inspirations from family wall. You can share your families’ photos and videos privately with your loved ones, have real-time location and safe zone alerts and stay connected with instant messaging! 


Focus provides sessions that are a highly efficient way to work. Focus for 25 minutes, then take a short break to relax your mind. After four sessions, take a 15–20-minute break. This method maximizes energy, stimulates creativity, and promotes a sense of achievement. Focus also includes a lightweight task manager that lets you organize the things you want to work on intuitively. By working on one task at a time, you won’t be distracted and can focus all your attention towards completing that goal. That way you’ll be perfectly organized on your path to success.

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