How To Embrace Your Age and Stay Active

How to Embrace Your Age and Stay Active

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Women specifically are often depressed and stressed when thinking about the aging process because it is both inevitable and difficult to adjust to. Regardless of what society has led us to believe, age is actually a really beautiful thing. Age is wisdom and experience… with a few extra lovely wrinkles.

Something we all seem to forget is that you can feel great at any age, regardless of your appearance starts to change both inside and out. Research actually shows that older individuals don’t feel their chronological age at all! So if you want to embrace your age and stay active… this is the article for you. 

Have you heard of the term, aging gracefully?

Well, this can be hard to consider when every magazine and search engine has tips and tricks on how to look younger. While we understand dreading some wrinkles and sagging isn’t uncommon, there is so much more to aging well. Aging gracefully isn’t about trying to look like a 20-something. It is about living your best life and having the physical and mental health to enjoy it. How can you age gracefully?

Well, be kind to your skin, exercise, mind your diet, look after your mental health, stay physically active, lower your stress, quit smoking and decrease alcohol consumption, get enough sleep, find new hobbies, practice mindfulness, drink plenty of water, take care of your oral hygiene and see a doctor regularly… just to name a few. Now let’s take a look into staying active as your body gets older. 

As we know, physical activity is good for people of all ages and by doing so you: 

  • Lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer. 
  • Improve your strength and balance so that you can prevent injuries and stay independent. 
  • Improve your mood. 
  • Feel better about yourself. 
  • Improve your ability to think, learn and make decisions. 

One option to consider here is aiming for 2 hours and 30 minutes a week of moderate-intensity water aerobic activities. If you weren’t physically active before, remember to start slowly. Remember, even 5 minutes of physical activity has health benefits… you can build up over time. By choosing aerobic activities you are partaking in activities that make your heart beat faster, such as walking fast, dancing, swimming or even tending to the garden. 

Try and partake in muscle-strengthening activities 2 days per week.

Try using exercise bands or lifting hand weights. You can also use bottles of water or cans of food as weights if you don’t want to go to the gym. It is important to remember to breathe out as your life the weight and breathe in as you lower it. Do not hold your breath as this can cause unsafe changes in your blood pressure. 

Try balance activities! Practice standing on one foot, learn tai chi, a mind-body exercise that improves balance or sign up for a yoga class or even try a yoga video at home. 

Getting active is one of the healthiest decisions you can make as you age, but it’s important to do it safely. Ensure you have medical clearance, consider your health concerns, listen to your body, start slowly and build up steadily and prevent injury by warming up and cooling down. 

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