Our Top 5 Spotify Playlist Recommendations for Motivation

Our Top 5 Spotify Playlist Recommendations for Motivation

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If you need some #MondayMotivation or a little boost to reach that #FridayFeeling then this is the article for you. Here is a selection of our favourite Spotify playlists to drive that motivation, covering a variety of genres and moods. Whether you’re trying to finish that long list of work tasks, about to hit the gym or have had a long day with the kids, we have the playlist for you. 

“Monday Motivation” Playlist

Speaking of Monday’s, the actual Monday Motivation playlist has some great songs on it to help get your week started. The songs on this playlist are updated every week meaning you won’t get bored of it either! From Post Malone to Little Mix, there is a little something for all music lovers. 

“Feel Good Blend” Playlist

This playlist is filled with all of that song you forgot ever existed but played on repeat back in 2010. Pop music? Check! Rock music? Check! Film soundtracks? Check! This playlist has it all. 

“Happy Hits” Playlist 

This is the perfect playlist to listen to that will keep you bopping around all day long and wanting to get that work done or that gym session out of the way. It has all of those great songs that reach the top 40 but then seem to be forgotten about all-in-one place. 

“Guilt Pleasures” Playlist

This playlist cannot be beaten and is filled with all those songs that not everyone wants to admit they know all the words to. It’s another one where you can just press play and enjoy. 

“Ultimate Workout Playlist for The Girls” Playlist

This is the perfect playlist to switch on and turn up full blast before you go and hit the weights. Be warned… some songs may make you drop it low in the middle of the gym with no care in the world what other people think. 

These are just some of the varied playlists that Spotify have to offer and if more chilled out music is what gets you focused then they also have great selections of relaxing, classical and stress free music to make tackline your day more enjoyable. 

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