Rachael’s Thinco Weight Loss Transformation


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Find out how Rachael lost 15.8kg with Thincos Starter Kit Program Pack!

Embarking on the journey of weight loss to achieve her body goal was made easy and fun for Rachael, all thanks to Thinco’s Starter Pack with Diet Capsules! Changes were noticeable almost instantly after taking the healthy diet supplements provided alongside a nutritional weight loss program to shed off the unwanted weight.

See what inspired Rachael to try Thinco and how its been the best weight loss program for her transformation!

It Started With A Pair of Jeans

We’ve all been there. Having that one pair of your favourite jeans that you just can’t fit anymore.  It was definitely an indicator for Rachael that something had to be done.

“There were a number of factors which made me want to lose weight.  It started with a pair of jeans that I had in the back of my cupboard that I used to fit. They were my favourites, so I didn’t want to throw them out as my goal was to fit back into them ‘one day’. I had to throw out a lot of my clothes as they didn’t fit, and I was tired of seeing the buttons pull on my clothes.”

Rachael admits this was the struggle that led her to seek weight loss supplements, but there were actually more health-risk factors involved which motivated her towards a Thinco weight loss transformation.

“Then, my Doctor told me that I needed to lose a few kilos so I would stop getting sick. The tipping point was when I went home to visit my mum and she told me I was getting ‘chunky’ – my mums gentle way of saying I needed to lose some weight. When your mum says you’re getting fat… you know you’ve got to do something about it. I was recommended Thinco by a friend who had seen success and guaranteed me it would work.”

And It Happened To Be The Best Weight Loss Program For Her!

, Rachael’s Thinco Weight Loss Transformation

After starting the program at 82.1kg and at a size 14, Rachael dropped 7.1kg and weighed 75kg after only 25 days,by following a meal plan and taking the weight loss supplements. The Thinco Starter Pack with Diet Capsules provides an easy-to-follow diet plan which comes in 3 phases. In each phase, a list is provided to sort out your groceries plus recipe suggestions for healthy, nutritious meals, the whole family will love.

Since then, Ive followed Phase 3 and found it incredibly easy to stick to as the food is so delicious and easy-to-follow. Ive now got a new, healthy relationship with food and have dropped a total of 15.8kg. Im now 66.3kg, size 10 and never felt better!

, Rachael’s Thinco Weight Loss Transformation
, Rachael’s Thinco Weight Loss Transformation

“Firstly, join the Facebook Support Group. This group is filled with inspirational people who really help to keep you accountable. The admins are really supportive too and check in to see how you’re going. There are a lot of new recipes posted too that make cooking a breeze.

Also, make sure you take quality before and after photos. It’s really motivational to look back on your photos and see how far you’ve progressed.

I also recommend meal prepping a few days worth of meals. It makes it so much easier to stick to the diet when you have food ready and you’re not tempted to buy take-out.”

She Did the Journey With Friends and Made Memories, Too

There’s no better way to lose weight than to do it with other people! Rachael found support and encouragement from the Facebook Support Group which you can become a VIP member of to,, once you begin using the Thinco Starter Pack.

According to Rachael, joining the group is great for anyone who needs a little push and continued support in their weight loss journey. She shares a few other tips, too!

If you’re about to start your own weight loss journey, you may have also had a few misconceptions about weight loss programs.

One of them is the “hunger fits”, but in Rachael’s experience, this was not a problem.

“When I started, I was really worried that I could be hungry, light headed or weak. But the capsules really helped to suppress my appetite, so I never felt hungry! I actually felt full most of the time, and even struggled to finish some meals – a feeling I never thought I’d have. I was also worried that I might gain the weight back when I finished the diet, but even after I’ve finished, I’m still losing weight.”

Rachael hasn’t just met her weight goal but has gained so much more from her journey with the Thinco Starter Pack.  She now has a healthier relationship with food, which her friends from the Facebook Support Group have helped her  with!

“Before I found Thinco, I would constantly snack on food that had no nutritional value. I now know how much I should be putting on my plate, and what foods to eat. I’ve also gained an incredible support group through the Facebook group. When I find myself wanting to binge out on naughty foods, the girls in the group always have my back and help me make better food choices. I also love the recipes they post.  I never realised how easy it was too cook up delicious, nutritious and healthy meals. I can always count on the group for new recipe ideas.”

The Thinco Starter Pack with Diet Capsules comes in a 50-Day Plan as well, for those who want to shed off more kilograms. An Active Plan is a program designed for those who like to exercise, wherein more capsule and food intake is required.  In Rachael’s case, with a 25-day plan, minimal exercise was necessary but after seeing amazing results with this starter pack,  she continued her journey and actively lost more than her initial goal of 7kg.

“Initially, I only wanted to lose 7kg, so I chose the 25 day Starter Pack with Diet Capsules. It had everything I needed to lose weight, and keep it off afterwards. I loved the fruit infuser water bottle that came with it as it made keeping my water intake up easy.”

Before Thinco, I was really self-concious.
I can’t thank Thinco enough for helping me
gain my self-confidence back.

But Its More Than Just A Weight Loss Program

Rachael’s also learned a valuable lesson on self-confidence after having completed the Thinco Starter Pack.

Reflecting on how she used to feel about her body and comparing the difference to how she views herself now have been the biggest reward for Rachael.

“Before Thinco, I was really self conscious. When someone would ask me to go to the beach, I always hesitated saying “I’m not really a beach person”. The truth was,  I was just too embarrassed to walk from my beach towel to the water.

I can’t thank Thinco enough for helping me to gain my self-confidence back and enjoy going to the beach, without feeling like I need to cover up.”

We’re so proud of Rachael’s results with Thinco and we just love hearing stories from our wonderful customers. If you have a weight loss story to share, or want to know how to get started, please contact us via our contact form or leave a comment below and one of our friendly team members will be in touch 🙂

If you know someone who would benefit from joining the Thinco Weight Los Program, please click the share buttons below, they will thank you for it!

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