The Best 2021 Free Printable Planners

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Are you a planner? Or maybe you’re not necessarily a planner but as part of your New Year’s Resolution, you now need a planner? Well, did you know that using a daily planner has multiple benefits, such as assistance in time management, improvement in productivity, stress relief, health benefits as you can track your diet and exercise, doctor and dental appointments; allows more time for creative activities and is place for records. To help you kick start the new year the right way, our team has scoped the Internet to find the best 2021 free printable planners for yours truly… you can thank us later. 

The Make Your Own Zone 

This website has been providing individuals with printable planners for a number of years and this year you have the option of rainbow colors or basic blue alongside numerous templates. There are vertical weekly planners, horizontal weekly planners, daily planner page options, monthly planner page options, beginning pages for planner and undated extra pages such as a notes page, shopping list, to-do list, meal plan and class assignments. We recommend taking a look at each design individually and then downloading what is useful for you and compiling them together to make your own 2021 planner! We also definitely recommend the rainbow color option because come on? It’s rainbow! 

Shining Mom 

This website offers a very large selection of free printable planners so we recommend putting some time aside to properly go through all of the beautiful options available. Our personal favorite was the Beautiful Life Planner. This planner has 4 planner covers to choose from, a 2021 goal setting worksheet, a vision board, things to do, monthly goals planner, weekly goals planner, daily planners, month-at-a-glance planner, budget worksheet, ideas and inspirations board and more! If we are being completely honest with you… we have already downloaded this one for ourselves! Time to say hello to a productive 2021!

Anny Studio 

This website is for those that don’t want all of the pretty colors and pictures and just want to get down to business. You have various options including printable PDF calendars for 2021, 2022 and 2023 (for the serious planners among us), customizable printable calendars and printable monthly planners.

Printables and Inspirations

This website has 20 pages of free printables just for you! You can choose from their wide range of free printable calendars, monthly planners, planner printables, Bible pintables and more! Our favorite aspect of this website is that you can find a printable to suit who you are as a person. For example, we have a nursing student among our team and she has opted for the medical theme planner. We also have a colleague who is obsessed with plants so as you probably guessed it… she went with the houseplants planner template. 

Cute Freebies Printables from Pinterest 

First of all, who doesn’t love Pinterest? We are just obsessed with it! So much inspiration in one little space ahh we just love it. Anyway, a user under the name of “cute freebies printables” has numerous options available and they have really become a hit! (And we can see why). She even offers very specific teacher planners and school calendars, which we love. If you do a quick search in Pinterest for free printable planners, thousands of options will come up and maybe one of them will suit you better but we thought we would just highlight these as they really are cute freebies!

Want to start 2021 fresh? Make sure to check out our guide to creating an achievable new year’s resolutions.

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