The Science Behind Weight Loss with Thinco

the science behind weight loss with thinco

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Are you considering the Thinco program but would prefer to really get to know the science behind the weight loss involved? Or maybe you are a frequent Thinco user who wants to expand their knowledge on the program? Either way, this is the article for you. In this article, we will be discussing the science behind weight loss with Thinco. So sit back, buckle up and get ready for some knowledge you beautiful people. 

Have you heard of Thinco’s Whoosh? If not, get ready for some science baby. Whilst undertaking the Thinco program, if done correctly, you will notice fat losses each and every day. How? Well the formula within the capsule you are taking is causing your fat cells to open and fill up with water. Once these fat cells are filled up with water; they serve no purpose and flush away. This is called the whoosh effect. 

If you are an individual who has a lot of fat cells to lose, the formula can find it much more easily. However, if you are an individual who doesn’t have a lot of fat cells to lose, the formula has a harder job to find the fat cells. The whoosh effect usually occurs over a 4-5 day cycle. But if you find your weight stalling in the first week, it is more than likely due to the fact that your body is trying to locate these fat cells. Once located, you will experience the whoosh effect more frequently; on average every 4 to 5 days. 

If you deviate from the program, the fat cells do what they always do and fill up with fat. That is their purpose, so the fat cells stay put and you won’t lose weight. Think of it like this… you have a fully loaded fat cell, then some water enters causing some fat to disappear and the cell starts to collapse waiting for more fat to enter it. And then more fat disappears because more water has entered the cell instead of fat but the cell stays open, as it is hopeful for fat to return soon. There is still no fat, only lots and lots of water so the cell gets annoyed and decides to shut itself down and leave the building. 

In the first week of your Thinco program, you will usually see the best weight loss results. For example: 

  • Week one: between 2- 5 kilos of weight loss. 
  • Week two: between 2 – 4 kilos of weight loss. Stalling may start to occur by day 10. 
  • Week three: where one would generally tend to stall, as it’s harder to locate the fat cells. 
  • Week four: for women, this is the week of TOM (time of month), so fluid retention, periods and more constipation due to that time. Most women stall or even gain weight. But don’t stress, this is simply water weight. We had a personal trainer customer prove to us that your body is still in fat burning mode when TOM occurs, but you cant see the weight loss because the water retention comes in. once the TOM finishes, weight loss resumes (approximately 1-1.5 kilos). 
  • Week five: between 1 – 3 kilos. 
  • Week six: between 1 – 3 kilos. 

The average weight loss for those who stick to the program is approximately 5-7 kilos on the 25 day program and approximately 10-12 kilos on the 50 day program. We have seen results to be more or less than this. So don’t wait around… trust the science, trust Thinco. 

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