The Best DIY Face Scrub You Can Do at Home

The Best DIY Face Scrub You Can Do At Home

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DIY face scrubs are an inexpensive way to brighten, minimize pores, and leave smooth, ultra-soft skin behind. It’s amazing what just a few simple ingredients, including brown sugar, oil, and essential oils, can do to our skin. So, if you are looking for the best DIY face scrub to do at home; you’re in the right place. 

Before we continue, it is important to note that before using any scrub, even a homemade one, it is best to first know your skin type. These should be used cautiously, especially if you have sensitive skin or a serious skin issue. Anytime you exfoliate your skin, it is important that you do not rub your face too hard as this can cause your skin to feel irritated and result in redness or burning. 

Also keep in mind that our skin is often a reflection of what is going on inside our body (though not always). This is why we often remind people of food that is good for the body, and which foods to avoid eating.

Brown Sugar Face Scrub

Brown sugar is an excellent natural exfoliant that works for all skin types. It’s also a very popular ingredient for homemade scrubs because it contains more moisture. A brown sugar face scrub recipe can be elaborate or quite simple. Basically, fill a bowl with one cup of brown sugar, ¾ cup of coconut oil and ¾ of manuka honey. For an aroma boost, add 2 drops of your favourite essential oil. Keep it for no more than 10 minutes and rinse after. 

Brown sugar has a rough texture, which can help as a scrub. However, if one overdose it, it’s possible to cause kin abrasions and even cuts/ dermatologists don’t recommend doing this scrub more than once a week.

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