Tips For Batch Cooking and Shopping

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Not sure what we are referring to when we say Batch Cooking and Shopping? Well, batch cooking and shopping is the process of going to the store and buying foods in bulk and then preparing multiple portions of several meals at once and storing them for future consumption, you may also know this as Meal Prep. 

Batch cooking can save you a lot of time and money whilst also aiding weight loss when you put the time aside to do it. Most people will do their batch cooking on a Sunday so that they are prepared for the week. By doing so you are reducing the chance of unhealthy eating because its easier, you won’t need to consistently go to the grocery store during the week, which stops unnecessary buying and you don’t need to try and cook a big dinner after a long busy day. 

Now you might be wondering… hmm this seems like an awesome idea but where do I even start? How do I tackle this? Don’t worry; Thinco is here to save the day as always! We have looked into the most effective tips ands tricks when it comes to batch cooking and we want to share them with all of you beautiful people. 

Make a Plan

First of all you need to decide which recipes you are going to make and more importantly what you want to be eating all week. Write down a list of recipes and ingredients so that when you go to the store you only buy what you need and don’t get distracted by special offers. Try and ensure you get everything you need in the one grocery trip. 

Choose the Right Recipes

Now the point of this is to save time, money and your waistline therefore you don’t want to be recreating the freezer meals you can buy at the grocery store. Look for healthier, inexpensive recipes. 

Organize your Tupperware Cupboard

Ahh the Tupperware cupboard, the place where there are a million lids and containers that don’t match and are completely useless. Well with batch cooking you need to ensure you have the right containers on hand. Also make sure you shop around and get a bang for your buck! 

Oh Hey, Label Maker 

You want to try and label your meals so that you actually know what you are defrosting You would hate to be excited for one dish and get another!

So there you have it, effective tips and tricks to batch cooking and shopping. Soon you will be a pro! 

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