We Are Debunking The 12 Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

We Are Debunking The 12 Biggest Myths About Weight Loss Image

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There is a lot of weight loss advice on the Internet and within society in general however most of it has been proven not to work. But we live in a society desperate for quick fixes and not only with our weight but in every aspect of our lives. We want everything right here, right now.

Trying to figure out which weight loss option is best for you is incredibly difficult, especially once you type in something so simple such as “how to lose weight” into Google and you get pages upon pages of options. I mean we have the Ketogenic diet, the Zone diet, Vegetarian, Vegan, Weight Watchers, South Beach diet, Raw food diet, Atkins diet, intermittent fasting, tea detoxes, juice detoxes, tablets, shakes, stomach wraps…. Like HOLD UP A MINUTE. We all just need to calm down.

We have looked into all of this information and we are debunking the 12 biggest myths about weight loss.

Weight-loss myth #1: People who are overweight have slower metabolic rates

It is time to let go of the idea that overweight people have a slower metabolic rate as studies have shown the resting energy expenditure of overweight people and lean people and there is little difference.

Weight-loss myth #2: All calories are equal

All calories have the same energy content however; all calorie sources do not have the same impact on your weight. For example a protein calorie is different from a fat or carb calorie.

Weight-loss myth #3: I’m going to be hungry all the time

A lot of people think that by dieting you are constantly going to be hungry and this is usually because people associate diets with super-slim models. But we have good news for you… this isn’t true. Different foods make us feel different ways and foods high in protein keep you fuller for longer periods of time. It is all about tailoring the right meal plan.

Weight-loss myth #4: To lose weight you have to avoid all carbs, sugars and fats

Our bodies are not designed to break down the artificial sweeteners and flavorings in ‘diet foods’ therefore it is actually better for us to eat real, wholesome foods. Just because a label says ‘low fat’ or ‘low sugar’ it doesn’t mean it is good for you. Opt for good carbs, sugars and fats – those that are in real food like brown rice, oranges and eggs. These foods do not need to be avoided unless you are on a specific program for a specific reason.

Weight-loss myth #5: There is a single best diet

Sticking to one single diet may not be your best option as 45% of people in the National Weight Control Registry stated they lost the most weight when their used various diets on their own. Its best to try a few options, see which ones work for you as an individual and tailor your own plan.

Weight-loss myth #6: You have to stop drinking alcohol to lose weight

Drinking alcohol does mean your body is consuming more calories and most weight loss plans don’t recommend it. But the thing to remember her is everything needs to be in moderation. If you heavily drink 2/3 nights a week then you will gain weight but if you moderately drink on occasions then you wont gain weight. It is the same as eating junk food… every day = bad, here and there = fine.

Weight-loss myth #7: You can only lose weight if you have the willpower

This is definitely not true and rather silly. Everyone is different and many factors come into play when it comes to weight loss such as genetics and environment. Numerous researches have been conducted, which states a person’s biological factors will majorly impact their ability to lose or gain weight. Willpower is important but it definitely not the only aspect.

Weight-loss myth #8: Losing weight means you can’t eat any of the foods you love

You can still eat the foods you love whilst trying to lose weight as mentioned above, everything in moderation. If you love pizza and you want some pizza then you get that damn pizza girl. However if you eat pizza every day of the week or a few times in one week with minimal exercise then yes you will gain weight.

Weight-loss myth #9: Fast food is always fattening

Not all fast food is unhealthy and due to society becoming more health conscious there are various fast food options that are actually very healthy for you. Mexican places will now offer bowls to eliminate the tortilla, burger places are offer gluten free options or even lettuce buns and sushi now comes with brown rice. It’s all about making the correct choices.

Weight-loss myth #10: People with obesity are unhealthy and thin people are healthy

Obesity does increase the chances of chronic illness however plenty of people with obesity are healthy metabolically and plenty of thin people have chronic diseases. Genetics can play a big role in the size of someone’s body but just because someone is genetically thin, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthy.

Weight-loss myth #11: Eating breakfast is absolutely necessary to lose weight

Studies do show that those who eat breakfast weigh less than those that skip it but this is probably due to people who eat breakfast having other healthier lifestyle habits. Its also a myth that breakfast boosts metabolism – all you need to do is eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full and recognize actual hunger cues from emotional ones.

Weight-loss myth #12: Fat makes you fat

Fat is very calorie-dense but if your calorie intake is within a healthy range, the fat your eating does not make you fat. Diets that are high in fat but low in carbs have been very successful in weight loss, for example; the Ketogenic diet.

So here are some of the biggest myths about weight loss but trust us, there are many many more. If you want to lose weight, tailor a program that is right for you and nourishes your body.

Thinco xo

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