What To Expect During Your Thinco Fitness Journey

Thinco Fitness Journey

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If you wondering what all the fuss is about then you have come to the right article. Here we are going to explain how the Thinco Fitness Journey Program works and what to expect during this journey. We understand that starting a new weight loss program comes with a million questions and that is why our team is here to help!

So to get the ball-rolling let’s discuss how the Thinco program works. There are three phases to the Thinco program and all three phases need to be completed to control your weight and keep it off. 

Phase One: Load Up (2-3 Days)

This is the first phase and lasts for 2 or 3 days. During this phase you take the Thinco diet capsules or diet drops while enjoying plenty of calories and good fats, which are high in healthy oils. There are no restrictions within this phase and you can even drink alcohol (Bonus!) 

During this stage you can expect to be incredibly excited and happy. You have officially started your fitness journey and are on your way to reach your weight loss goals except at the moment you are able to eat all of the foods you love and enjo. This shocked a lot of people in the beginning. 

Phase Two: Thin Up (25 or 50 Days)

This is the second phase and lasts either 25 or 50 days depending on which program you decided to do. During this phase you take your diet capsules or diet drops whilst following Thinco’s specific easy to follow fat burning meal plan. This is the phase where you will lose the weight (yay!) 

During this stage, in the beginning expect to experience some mild headaches, as your body will be going through a detox. You haven’t been on such a restricted diet with healthy wholesome foods; therefore your body will be expelling all of the junk food that is currently within it. During this detox stage we recommend drinking as much water as possible. This will help with the headaches and also help your body withdraw the junk food faster. 

After the detox symptoms settle down you will feel thinner within a few days. Your clothes with start to fit better, you will feel less bloated and your confidence will already start to grow. Your hunger will be at bay due to the diet capsules/diet drops. You will notice that the portion sizes are the perfect amount. If you are feeling a little hungry at times and take a little longer to adjust, we recommend spacing out your meals throughout the day and drinking plenty of water. Staying busy is also very beneficial here. 

One down side you might experience in this stage is slight isolation or exclusion. Due to your strict meal plan and no alcohol policy you may feel a little bit left out but remember, it is only 25 days out of your entire life and that 25 days is going to help you achieve your weight loss goals! 

Phase Three: Keep it up and Off

This is the third and finally stage and should ideally be for as long as phase two or a minimum of 14 days if weight has remained stable. It is this phase that the weight that has been lost during phase 2 is maintained and stabilized via an equally important meal plan to ensure you keep it off. 

During this stage you can expect to feel excited, as you would have noticed a massive difference in your body. On the same token you need to make sure you stay on track and remember you have one more phase to go. 

Because you are allowed to introduce more foods into this phase, some people can slightly fall off the wagon. As you have been on a restricted diet for the past 25 days, slight deviation from how you have been eating can turn into a cheat day or binging session which you don’t want to do. During this stage you need to remember to stay strong and motivated, look at all of the hard work you have put in and remember you are almost at the finishing line. Keep up with your daily weigh ins and if for some reason your weight has gone up, have a steak day to balance yourself back out. 

During this stage you can also expect to feel different, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. You will feel better in yourself but you would’ve also learnt a lot about your body. Also, you you’ll know the foods it needs to function properly. This is the stage of your fitness journey where you learn how to live a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

Any Questions?

So there you have it ladies! If you have any further questions about please visit our FAQS page. Or get in contact with one of our team members for further assistance. 

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