Why are Laxatives for Weight Loss dangerous?

Why are Laxatives for Weight Loss Dangerous?

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Laxatives are a form of medication that individuals use to relieve constipation, however some individuals use this medication without suffering from constipation in the hope that the drug will aid weight loss. It is very important to acknowledge that using laxatives as a weight loss supplement is not safe or effective and there are numerous other, healthier ways to reach your desired weight. 

So, let’s discuss the first big myth… that laxatives cause weight loss. Laxatives treat constipation by softening the stool and stimulating bowel movements, which makes individuals who take them feel much lighter, however there is no evidence to support that this is a safe or effective weight loss method. The temporary weight loss that some individuals may experience from using laxatives is actually linked to water loss not fat loss. This is because laxatives work by absorbing more water into the gut to allow the stool to soften, making it easier to pass, which as you’ve probably guessed, means additional water has passed out with the stool, giving the individual a lower weight on the scales. 

The next aspect we need to look at is the different types of laxatives and how long term use of this medication can cause many health concerns, starting with constipation issues. There are five main types of laxatives including stimulants, osmotic, bulking agents, lubricants and stool softeners. The stimulants such as dulcolax and senokot are more commonly used for weight loss and have been labeled as relatively harsh by multiple doctors. As this medication causes the intestinal wall muscle to contract to move stool along, the bowel can develop a dependence resulting in declination of you natural bowel movements, meaning you need more and more laxatives. Prolonged laxative use can also cause various types of gastrointestinal issues, dehydration, electrolyte and mineral imbalances, weakness, confusion and seizures. 

So with everything considered I think it is safe to say that using laxatives, as a weight loss supplement is dangerous and unhealthy. If you are wanting to achieve your weight loss goals opt for healthier options such as meal plans, exercise and natural weight loss supplements such as the ones we offer at Thinco.

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