Why is Organic Food Healthier?

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Making the right choices at the supermarket can often seem like a very difficult task. These days there are so many products to choose from that all seem to do the same thing… feed you. We understand it can be hard to know what to buy and you’ve probably thought more than once, is there really a difference? Well here at Thinco we believe organic products will not only assist you on your path to becoming a healthier and happier you but also help the environment, which is why we’ve created this article to explain why organic food is healthier for your body. 

Bye Bye GMOs 

Organic products not only ensure there are no harmful chemicals in our food but they also promise that there are no GMOs. GMOs are engineered to be used in conjunction with a single harmful chemical, such as Round Up or Agent Orange. By purchasing organic foods you are taking a stand against large chemical producing corporations that have devastatingly polluted the world’s food and fields. 

Healthy Soil 

Non-organic foods are sprayed with harmful toxic chemicals that kill everything other than the crop itself. This includes the living organisms that a plant needs to grow and makes the soil nutrient rich. Once those organisms are killed off they are then replaced with synthetic fertilizers made up from more toxic chemicals. It has been noted that to get the same nutrients from one apple more than a decade ago would mean eating 12 apples today, all because of the soil in which these plants are grown in. 

Fewer Pesticides

Organic produce contains fewer pesticides. Chemicals such as fungicides, herbicides and insecticides are commonly used in conventional agriculture and the residue remains on and within the foods we are eating. By shopping organically you’re massively reducing your ingestion of these pesticides.  


Organic food is often a lot more fresher as it doesn’t contain preservatives, which are attempting to make it last longer.

Better Raised Animals 

Organically raised animals are not given antibiotics, growth hormones or fed animal byproducts. Feeding livestock animal byproducts increases the risk of mad cow disease and the use of antibiotics can create antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. Animals that are organically raised are given more space to move around and access to the outdoors, which in turn keeps them healthier. 

Richer Nutrients 

Organic meat and milk are richer in certain nutrients. Studies have shown that levels of certain nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, were up to 50 percent higher in organic meat and milk than in conventionally raised versions. 

The above is just a snippet into the health benefits of organic foods; it’s time to get on the bandwagon.

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