10 Tips to Maintain Weight Loss

10 Tips to Maintain Weight Loss Image

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You may not believe this but majority of people that lose weight end up gaining it back. While losing weight is incredibly difficult, keeping it off can sometimes be more challenging. I mean, it makes sense… you’ve just been on a strict diet for however many weeks and now you can incorporate some more food. A lot of people struggle with not going overboard; I know I did!

Our team at Thinco is here to help and want you to achieve your goals; therefore we looked into the most effective tips on maintaining weight loss and have brought them to you to guarantee success.


Okay, okay, okay before you rip our heads off hear us out. You may not be the biggest fan of exercise but research shows it is extremely useful in burning off some extra calories and increasing your metabolism. You don’t have to go to the gym either; you can do activities such as yoga, Pilates, walking, jogging or evening swimming.

Breakfast is Your Friend

Research shows eating breakfast is one of the most common behaviors of those who are successful in maintaining weight loss. If you aren’t a breakfast person have something light like fruit and yoghurt. If you are busy in the morning, prepare boiled eggs so that you can have breakfast on the go.

Increase Your Protein

Research suggests eating a lot of protein can assist in maintaining your weight as protein reduces appetite and promote fullness and satisfaction. Protein promotes fullness, which reduces your calorie per day and protein also takes longer to break down, which increase your calories burned throughout the day.

Meal Prep

A lot of the time when people eat unhealthy dinners or snacks it’s because they weren’t prepare. We all know the feeling; you’ve had a long day at work, you get through the door and there is nothing to cook for dinner. What’s your first thought? Takeaway or something easy like packet pasta or noodles.

If you spend your Sunday prepping your meals for the week you will save time, money and effort, whilst maintaining your waistline and overall health.

Portion Control

A lot of us tend to overeat without even knowing it and practicing portion control is a sure way of maintaining weight loss. We recommend purchasing smaller plates to decrease the size of your meals.

Take Your Measurements

The scales can be misleading at times as there are lots of variations that come into play. During our programs we recommend you take measurements before, during and after the program. We recommend continuing this practice once the program is over. By taking your measurements you will notice if you have been snacking too much lately or if the way you are eating is working for your body and your waistline.

Remember not to get disheartened if you do go up a couple in cm, it’s not the end of the world.

Watch Less TV

In the National Weight Control Registry Survey, those who viewed less than 10 hours of television per week were more successful in maintaining weight loss. Besides maintaining your weight loss, minimizing your television time has other benefits for your health as research shows prolonged TV can increase your chances of heart disease, diabetes and death.

Get a Buddy

Sometimes it is easier to achieve something if you have a buddy to do it with. By doing this you have someone who will ensure you are sticking to your healthy living plan. Grab a partner, a friend, a work colleague, anyone who can help you stay motivated and on track.

Get Back on the Wagon

You need to remember holidays, stressful times and “I don’t care moments” happen. No one on this Earth eats perfectly every day of the year and that is ok. The important aspect here is that after a holiday or an “I don’t care moment”, you get back on the wagon. Don’t let that cheat day turn into a cheat week or month.

Stay Hydrated

Research shows that drinking water increases the number of calories you burn throughout the day. Drinking water assists you in feeling more full and keeping your calories in check. If you aren’t a fan of water we recommend adding in some fresh fruit for flavor.

Remember, you worked so hard to lose this weight and you deserve to keep it off and live amore healthy, balanced life. If you are struggling with motivation incorporate these tips into your daily living and we guarantee you they’ll make a difference.

Thinco xo

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