7 Ways to Make Exercise More Enjoyable

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Exercise doesn’t have to feel like a chore… although let’s be real… a lot of the time it can feel that way. We all know that exercise is vital for our health and wellbeing but the biggest problem is actually getting ourselves into the action mode rather than simply talking about it. I will reluctantly raise my hand to admit that I almost always say I will start an exercise program on Monday and never end up actually doing it, or I do it… for a week. So if you are like me then this is the article for you. I have looked into and tried 7 ways to make exercise more enjoyable and they actually worked. 

Add Some Variety 

If you are doing the same exercise routine every single time that you train, you will very quickly become bored, which isn’t exactly going to keep up your motivation. How do we fix this? It’s simple. Add some variety to your exercise activities. For example, if you lift weights at the gym most days, why not include a HIIT class once a week to change things up a bit? 

Take the Scenic Route 

If you aren’t one who loves to exercise, starting a daily walk can be an easy way to transition to a healthy lifestyle and it’s free! Not only do you burn calories but also you have some you time to clear your head in the fresh air. Instead of just walking around your neighborhood, drive to the nearest coastal walk and walk there or try a little hike in nature if you have access to it. 

Listen to Music 

This is a big one. I have gone to the gym with no headphones and with headphones and let me tell you… music makes a massive difference to your motivation. Before you go to your exercise activity create a playlist (changing songs in between activities can be a huge pain in the butt) and then get ready to move! I have a couple of playlists on the go so that I don’t become bored of the same songs. You can even group them into categories such as a summer playlist to remind yourself of beach days and getting into that bikini.

Find a Buddy 

Having a friend to exercise with definitely made me enjoy exercise more. Whether it be a walk down the coast together, a yoga class, a gym session or even a Zumba class! You can chat whilst you train, push each other and more importantly laugh at each other struggling. 


A little healthy competition can motivate you to push yourself further in your workout regime. Whether you’re directly competing with a friend, an online community, or against your previous self, setting goals is the key to reaching them. Running with no destination can feel like an impossible task, and it’s easy to get distracted. 

Look Cute 

I don’t know about you but when I look good, I feel good! So, if your gym clothes are starting to look a little bit worn then it is time to hit the shops (as if we even need an excuse). I bought myself a variety of gym outfits that made me feel super cute so sometimes my coastal walk is more about showing off my outfit then working my legs. 

Create a Reward System 

Before you set up an exercise reward system, it is recommended you first set exercise goals. Then it is a good idea to start some sort of exercise planning. Once you have those pieces in place, it’s time to get working out. Now you can create some incentives for yourself to stick with it and accomplish those goals. What rewards should you use? Small weekly rewards can be putting $5 in a jar to be used for a bigger reward down the road or going to see a movie. Monthly rewards can be a manicure, pedicure, massage, new pair of sneakers or a new outfit. Big rewards can be a weekend getaway!

I hope this article helps you make exercises more enjoyable. Check out more health and nutrition tips here.

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