How To Lose Pregnancy Weight Gain

lose pregnancy weight

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After having a baby, you are more than likely exhausted or feel there’s no time for health eating and exercise. For many women, achieving a healthy weight after pregnancy can be a struggle as it is stressful taking care of a newborn, adjusting to a completely new routine and recovering from the childbirth itself.

That is why we are here to help, we want you to be strutting your stuff down the street and shouting about your self-love from the rooftops!

Count Your Calories

Counting calories can greatly assist you in working out how much you are eating and where the problems in your diet may be. It also assists you in making sure you are getting enough calories to provide you with sufficient energy and nutrition.

Stuck on how to count your calories? Here’s a list of the 5 best calorie counter websites and apps.

Eat Foods High in Fiber

Dietary fiber intake provides many health benefits, not only does it lower the risk for developing coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and certain gastrointestinal diseases, it also aids weight loss.

One study of 1,114 adults found that every 10 grams of soluble fiber people ate per day accounted for a 3.7% reduction in belly fat over a period of time. Studies also state that soluble fiber also helps you feel fuller for longer by slowing down digestion and reducing hunger hormone levels.

Choose Healthy Proteins

Studies have shown that protein has a greater thermic effect than other nutrients, which means that the body uses more energy to digest it than other types of food, which in turn results in more calories burned. Including protein into your diet can also boost your metabolism, decrease appetite and reduce calorie intake.

Different options for healthy proteins include lean meats, fish, nuts, legumes, seeds and eggs, or healthier vegan proteins like tofu and tempeh.

Avoid Added Sugar and Refined Carbs

As we all know, sugar and refined carbs are high in calories are offer hardly any nutrients. Although they are delicious, studies state the when you have a high intake of sugar and refined carbs you put yourself at risk for increased weight, diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

Added sugars include items such as soft drinks, candy, cookies, pie… the list goes on and on. Sometimes items we think are not added sugars really are so keep an eye on the ingredient label. Here’s a list to help you.

You can easily reduce your sugar intake by avoiding processed foods as much as possible and implementing a whole foods diet where your focus is on vegetables, legumes, fruits, fish, meats, eggs, nuts and yogurt.

Try These Abdominal Exercises

As long as your doctor has given you the all clear, try these exercises for a flatter stomach and overall weight loss.

Pelvic tilts, lateral pelvic tilts, ab curls, oblique curls, squats, lunges and crunches.

You can also try modified exercises that include holding your baby for a great post pregnancy abs workout.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol provides extra calories without nutrition, which in turn leads to weight gain, in particular weight gain in the belly area, which is not what we want right now! Alcohol can also lead to weight gain, as when people are hung-over all they want is grease glorious grease, which again will lead to weight gain if done regularly.

This step might not be too hard, as you have gone a few months without alcohol already as you were growing your beautiful bundle of joy. Ways to avoid alcohol is to make plans with friends that don’t involve it, go out for breakfast, go for a run, go see a movie or have a day date with the kids. Liquor stores also have alcohol free alternatives now so if you are at an event and don’t want to feel socially withdrawn, grab a couple of the alcohol free beverage options at your local liquor store.

How Can We Help You?

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So let’s start your weight loss journey together! Let’s strut down the street in our skinny jeans, let’s flaunt our bikini body on the beach, let’s dance our heart out in our favourite dress on a night out and more importantly lets rebuild our self-love and self-confidence!

, How To Lose Pregnancy Weight Gain

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