Phase 1 Load Up Tips

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As with all phases of the plan, the Loading Phase is important and should be done properly.

What Is The Loading Phase?

PHASE 1 – LOAD UP is where you start the formula (VLC Diet Capsules or Diet Drops) and load up on lots of good quality foods. No counting calories and no foods or drinks are off limits.

How Long Should It Last?

Two days is sufficient, but if life gets in the way of the planned start after 2 days, then adding a 3rd day is no problem at all.

What Is The Purpose Of It?

This phase is important as it achieves several purposes so should be taken seriously. Eat plenty of foods, do not worry about calories and do not skimp on meals. Also, do not worry about putting weight on as this will quickly disappear in phase 2. No foods or drinks are off limits during phase 1. You can eat and drink anything and everything.

Many people wishing to control weight have tried to with a variety of diets. Sometimes their body can be left with a shortage of the good fat we all should carry (structural fat that is essential for packing and cushioning around organs, vertebrae, soles of our feet and more; and normal fat reserves that are readily accessible by the body when energy is needed and nutrients within the intestinal tract are temporarily insufficient (ie a short bout of illness may cause us to draw usefully on these reserves the way nature intended).

The two loading days may start that top-up process of our needed fat, plus provide adequate nutrients to take the body into and through the first few days of the VLC phase 2 at which time the nutrients stored in the abnormal/stored/locked away fat are released along with those fat stores.

What Do I Eat On Those Days?

Some suggestions are: coconut oil, olive oil, salmon, avocado, cheeses, eggs, bacon, all fish, all meats and nuts. You can also include take away foods like burgers, chicken, pizza, fried foods, Asian/Indian/Mexican cuisines. Enjoy some alcoholic beverages. If you have a sweet tooth then also enjoy your favourites like cake, chocolate, ice cream etc.

In phase 1 you can eat anything and everything so enjoy because during phase 2 you won’t be having carbs, sugar or fats… so use Phase 1 to enjoy and say goodbye to these foods for a while. Phase 1 allows the formula to build and become active in the body, encourages good nutrient stocks as well as a temporary energy store, all of which are needed for a good start to Phase 2. Not loading properly in Phase 1 may result in unnecessary hunger for several days in Phase 2 and may impact your weight loss results.

Key Tips:

  • Enjoy your ‘naughty foods’. Think of it as a ‘goodbye’ for a little while
  • Ensure you take the formula (Diet Drops or VLC Diet Capsule) during Phase 1 as per the product label
  • Clear your home of all tempting food before you start phase 2
  • Meal Prep for phase 2 so you have phase 2 meals ready to go
  • Do not worry about calories or putting weight on in phase 1 – eat plenty of good fatty food

What Happens If I Do Not Do It?

As clearly explained in Dr Simeons’ manuscript, bypassing this step comes with the increased chance of being quite hungry for the first week or more of Phase 2. Feeling hungry and weak is not a good start and likely with some people to have them abort the plan within the first few days. A correct Phase 1 Loading avoids this.

p.36 of Dr Simeons’ manuscript: “….It is usually at this point that a difference appears between those patients who have literally eaten to capacity during the first two days of treatment and those who have not. The former feel remarkably well; they have no hunger, nor do they feel tempted when others eat normally at the same table. They feel lighter, more clear-headed and notice a desire to move quite contrary to their previous lethargy. Those who have disregarded the advice to eat to capacity continue to have minor discomforts and do not have the same euphoric sense of well-being until about a week later. It seems that their normal fat reserves require that much more time before they are fully stocked.”


  1. Antoneta

    Hi, I have a question. During phase one while I’m loading on good fatty foods do I take the drops while I’m on phase one?

    Thank you

    1. Tania

      Yes, you do. You will find that info in your program guide 🙂

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