How to Find Time for Yourself as a New Mum

Hey Mama! Whilst we understand that being a mum can be the most fulfilling role you’ll ever have, and while you wouldn’t change it for the world, you still need balance in your life. Taking time for self-care is paramount to being a healthy mum for your child and your family. Making time for yourself as a new parent is challenging. This is also true for experienced parents, but it’s especially true for new parents. There is so much change, so much to learn and it is all happening at once. This article is going to help you find time for yourself as a new mum and trust us… you will feel like a new woman once you implement these changes! 

Be Clear on What Your Child Needs versus what is Optional

I am not sure if you have noticed but we do live in an age of over-parenting. Back in the 1980s, parents sent their children outside all day and assumed/expected that they would find a way to entertain themselves. Today, it can feel like if your child hasn’t learned 3 languages within the first six months you are falling behind. Firstly we would like to call bulls*** on all of that. Now you need to be clear about the things that your child needs versus what is ‘nice to have. This becomes more and more important as they get older. 

During infancy, a large majority of their needs are basic. Your beautiful little bundle of joy needs to be fed, cleaned, comforted and get enough sleep. Whilst cloth diapers, homemade baby food, sensory classes and crafty activities offer benefits… if these things take up so much of your time that you aren’t taking care of yourself then it is time to reassess. 

Set More Realistic Expectations for Housekeeping

Your housekeeping habits and expectations will need to lower once your newborn arrives. Your basic goal here is to make a home that is clean and safe for those living within it. Again, think about what is necessary versus what is optional. Do you really need to scrub all of your windows? Is it vital that every shelf is dusted? Remember, having clean laundry is far more important than having folded laundry. Don’t be so hard on yourself mama. 

Find Time-Saving Meal Strategies 

You’re a new parent. You have this tiny human to look after. This is all so new to you and you are trying to keep it together. You do not, I repeat, do not need to also make a 5-star meal. Bust out the slow cooker, throw a bunch of stuff in it and look away. Make double batches of meals and freeze them for those especially hectic days. If you have a partner at home or they finish at a reasonable time, give them a swift kick up the bum and point to where the kitchen is.

Find Your Tribe 

You may not know this but since the beginning of time, raising a child has actually been the responsibility of the entire tribe as in the entire village works together to look after that baby. In today’s society we expect only 2 people (let’s be honest 1) to tackle that enormous task. We say a big no to that. If you are close with your family, find your support people. Find family members and friends that you trust to have your baby for a couple of hours whilst you have some me-time. If you don’t have family close to you, utilize your friends, engage in mum groups and find people you trust or hire the help. It is normal to do this, despite societies expectations. 

Treat Time Like It’s More Valuable Than Money – Because It Is 

Nowadays, if you are short for cash, you can consider getting a loan. Unfortunately, time does not work that way, you either have it or you don’t. if you notice an open 30 minutes of time, think very carefully about how you want to use that time for example, do you want to scroll Instagram for those 30 minutes? If so, do it. Do you want to throw on a facemask and watch an episode of Dr. Phil? Do it. Do you want to have a glass of wine whilst on the phone to your best friend? Do it. Just be sure you are aware of how you are budgeting your minutes. Once they are gone, you can’t get them back.

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