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Let’s Talk About Alzheimer’s Disease

Did you know that the month of November is Alzheimer’s awareness month? The month of November actually has many awareness days, but Thinco will focus on Alzheimer’s disease in our

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Sleep Care is the Ultimate Self-Care

The best version of yourself emerges after a night of restful sleep. The cognitive functions are better able to learn, remember, be creative, and feel happy when they get enough

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How to Improve Self-Love

We spend so much time working on the outside, whether it is our bodies, careers, relationships, skills, or goals. Working on the inside is just as important as working on

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How Hormones Affect Your Health - Thinco
Tips & Nutrition

How Hormones Affect Your Health

Are you feeling tired? Sad? Restless? Well your hormones could be to blame. The glands within your endocrine system send out hormones that instruct each section of your body what

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